I believe that a relationship should be a special thing between two people.

As it turned out to be, I ended up being a hopeless romantic -- a sucker for those epic love stories we so often watched on movies and read about in John Green's books.

Growing up, I took my parents' relationship as an example of what true love might equate. They were each other's equal, each other's advisors. They belonged to each other and nobody else. They always mentioned in front of me and my brother how they would never want anybody else in their lives -- how they would never trade each other.

Their love story became my favorite. It became my ideal love story. The moment that they had met eye to eye, they both said they had known. And all of these years I always dreamt of a love story like theirs. I always dreamt of finding my person, the person who would know me better than everybody, the person that belonged to me, and to whom I belonged.

All those thoughts always floated like a cloud did on a slow, spring day. They left me in the clouds all the time. I'm a believer in monogamy. I'm a believer in staying true to each other in every way possible. I'm a believer in honesty and communication being the best answer always.

And although I'm attracted to men and not women, this has never discouraged me from trying for that epic love story I believe we all deserve. The idea of open relationships is one that always confused me. Not that I'm shading people who decide to do this, but this is just my opinion: why share that special relationship you built with a special somebody with somebody else who might taint it somehow? I feel like it is a lack of disrespect to your partner and your relationship.