It's been about three years since the death of Derek Shepard on "Grey's Anatomy," and after watching this past season I have realized that I am not over the death of McDreamy. I am still waiting for Meredith Grey to wake up and we all realize that it was a dream.

I don't feel that I got any closure. I get that Meredith is famous for running away and not dealing with emotional situations. However, that doesn't mean everyone in Derek's life was the same way. First off, does Addison even know? She was his first wife, and a dear friend of the family, does she even know Mark is dead? Also, why wasn't there a funeral? Didn't Amelia deserve that? And telling by the wedding episode, Amelia needs closure also. I also think that Meredith isn't over the death either, and she could benefit from some closure.

Forehead Kisses

Why is their anniversary or the day he died never mentioned? I don't know about you, but if my husband died, even if I knew I should move on, I would still celebrate the day he died. However, while I assume that this date has passed many times throughout the past three years on "Grey's Anatomy," no one ever mentions it. Is it just too hard for Meredith to talk about? Or does she just not care? This is actually what makes me the most upset because it seems unrealistic that she would never mention the day. I know that Meredith is all dark and twisty, but Derek was one of the most influential parts in her opening up. Also, her kids would really benefit from having time to celebrate their dad.

Derek Shepard

Derek loved Meredith and that's hard to let go of. They were soul mates, they were meant to be. Derek really really loved Meredith, and she loved him just as much. Finally, her life was good, and then something terrible happened like the plane crash. He was always there for her, and then all the sudden he was gone?! I can't even. (I know that it was an actor thing and not a character thing, but STILL). This broke my heart. To think about someone loving another person so much, staying by their side through so much, like when Meredith forgave him after he lied about being married… AND then cheated on her. Or like when he forgave her for ruining his trial and stealing away Zola. Their love was so strong and so passionate and then it ended. It is really easy to see in the later episodes that Meredith is not over it, and neither am I. I just haven't fully accepted the fact that someone you love as much as Meredith and Derek loved each other could just be ripped away.

It's been three years and I still bawl my eyes out at the thought of Derek not being there for Meredith. Shonda Rhimes, can't you give us a little closure? Even if its just Meredith remembering Derek on the day he died? Us fans looking for closure would greatly appreciate it.

Meredith Grey