These 13 Discontinued Items Were Once On McDonald's Menu
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13 Discontinued Food Items That Were Once Served At McDonald's

From the looks of it, I'm wishing we could get some of these back!

13 Discontinued Food Items That Were Once Served At McDonald's

Everyone knows McDonald's as a fast-food restaurant that serves predominantly, burgers, fries, nuggets, coffee and more! However, before McDonald's decided to stick with their signature fast-food items, the popular chain originally had other interesting items on the menu. Unfortunately, a lot of those hidden items didn't make the cut obviously based on popularity and low-demand. However, I believe that if McDonald's made some tweaking and adjustments, these food items would have been a big hit. Part of me wonders why these items discontinued because I would love to try them. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Here are some of the discontinued food items that McDonald's once had on their list:

1. McPizza

Are we surprised? Probably not, but it's still cool! The pizza was first introduced in the 1980s, but slowly died down after 20 years because of the long preparation time. I understand. It's fast food and McDonald's has to keep up with their reputation. The last pizza was served a couple of years ago, which marked the end of an era. It would have been nice to try this. Based on the picture, I clearly see no difference between this and Domino's, so why not bring it back?

2. McRib

This one isn't really a surprise because it has been on the menu on-and-off over the past 30 years. The rib was first introduced in 1985 and has been added and removed ever since. Apparently, it comes back on special occasions but hopefully the U.S. can bring this one back for good. This is also a permanent menu item in Germany.

FUN FACT: McDonald's originally started as a rib fast-food place, so don't sleep on this one.

3. McSpaghetti

This is sort of a weird menu item and I'm not surprised it discontinued. Spaghetti doesn't seem like a fast food item, but part of me is interested in trying it just because. This food item was first introduced in the 1970s, but discontinued after a couple of years. Even though the dish is discontinued in the United States, other countries (such as the Philippines) still serve this. Try to go to a McDonald's internationally and see if it's still there!

4. McSoup

Not too many people go to a fast-food restaurant for soup, so I am not surprised why this one discontinued. It looks like someone poured an actual can of soup into a cup and served it to people. But I mean, if you're craving soup, that's what you crave.

5. McLobster

Wait! McDonald's having.....lobster? No way. Well, yes, this was first introduced in 1993, but shortly discontinued. It was then brought back for a limited time in 2013. McDonald's is the last place I would think to serve lobster. If this was still on the menu today, I wonder how many people would order this rather than taking a trip to Red Lobster.

6. McHotDog

This food item was first introduced in 1995 but discontinued shortly based on low-demand. It's sad because hot dogs are a staple food item in places like this. They can still be found in some locations around the world such as places like Japan! The pictures don't really look as appealing though so I don't know about this one.

7. McDLT

This item was basically a cheeseburger that separates the patty from the toppings, so the lettuce and tomato would be cool and the burger would he hot. I personally didn't see the point of this because eventually you would eat it as one sandwich. The burger was discontinued because of the environmental issues regarding Styrofoam. To be honest, I thought it was a waste to begin with. There's no reason customers should be that picky at a McDonald's.

8. Onion Nuggets

These were introduced to the world in the 1970's, but discontinued because of its lack of popularity. These wouldn't be that bad to try. They wouldn't be different than any other onion rings. I actually heard that these are being sold in other countries so I would suggest doing some research if you were still interested!

9. McStuffins

They might as well should have called them McHot-Pockets because the similarity is crazy. I guess they were discontinued for copyright issues? Hmmm.

10. Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich

McDonald's introduced this item back in 1979 and the sandwich was only available between the hours of 4PM to 9PM. The sandwich consisted of a long beef patty, with a long bun, onions, and Steak Sauce. It also came with Onion Nuggets, as a Side Item (see #8). The item was sold from 4PM to 9PM. However, the product was pulled off the shelves around the 80's because it was a little pricey compared to a burger. Plus, its unavailability during certain hours made it harder to desire.

11. McSalad Shaker

A handheld salad to-go? Sounds cool to me! The salad originally started in the 90's and became a favorite of some, but most didn't see it's potential.The item was unfortunately discontinued in 2008 because it wasn't selling well.

12. McAfrika

This item was discontinued not because of the taste, but the name itself. Yeah, it does sound a little problematic. This item was originally introduced in 2002, but was quickly seen as insensitive because of the time period it came out. There was a lot of media coverage surrounding starving children in Africa, which caused outrage.

13. Hula Burger

This sandwich was first introduced in the 1960s, but it wasn't a fan-favorite. People were skeptical about pineapple mixed with American cheese. Even though people eat pineapples with their pizza, this recipe still couldn't make the cut with people's taste buds.

Honorable Mention: McFlurry or Ice-Cream Machine

Don't worry guys, McDonald's still has these in stores today. The machines are ALWAYS down, so there's no point. They might as well be discontinued. Bring back good working machines!

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