Recently, my siblings and I were talking about trends and things that were going on at their schools. They began to use words like "I see you" and "savage" as well as many others. I tried to use them but failed to use them correctly. I've been thinking about what "I see you" means and why you would say it to someone or something. It could mean, I see you, I noticed you, I recognize your presence, or it could mean like wow, look at you go, doing your thing. Writing this makes me feel so out of it, I honestly don't know what it means or half of the stuff they talk about.

I think that this was one of the moments that I realized I was an adult because I could no longer understand what my siblings were saying when talking. Another moment was when I got my license. I could go and drive anywhere I wanted and do anything I wanted between the hours of six in the morning to nine at night, as long as there was only one other person in the car. Man, I thought I was the coolest thing in the world when I got my license, until I realized that that made every other sixteen year old just as cool.

By becoming an adult, the term maturity comes as well. Being an adult and being mature are two different things that can exist without the other. Just because you turn eighteen and can legally buy cigarettes doesn't mean that you are mature enough to know that you shouldn't smoke. Maturity can come at all ages. There isn't a certain moment that I can pinpoint when I knew I was mature, I've just always been mature for my age. This is something that I have noticed while I've been studying at college.

The amount of people who are adults and are mature at the same time are very slim. I know many people who are very much adults and not very mature and those who are very mature and not yet adults. To be mature, you realize that you are not always the most important person in the room and that some people are worth holding onto and others not. It means that sometimes you can't be there for everyone and that you have to think about yourself sometimes. It means more than just being able to go and do certain things, but understanding the responsibility of their actions.

I think that the two terms are confused a lot because I have heard many people say that because someone remembers to do their work that they are becoming an adult and are really maturing. While this person may be becoming an adult because they are doing their work, they aren't exactly maturing by doing work required of them. They would only be maturing if they would do the work required a large amount of time before it was due.

By going to college, one can learn about becoming an adult and maturity based on the people they surround themselves with. If the people that you surround yourself with are hard-working and get their work done in a timely fashion, then they will show you how to be an adult and how to be more mature. However, if you surround yourself with people who go out every weekend and always put themselves first, you may not be surrounding yourself with the right people.

I know that it's true that men and women mature differently in age and situations, but I think that sometimes we never mature or become adults. We all become adults the same way, we go to college, we turn eighteen, we get married and have kids and get "big kid" jobs. I may not know everything about being an adult or being mature, but I would like to think that I am a pretty mature nineteen year old who can't believe that she is an adult.

While there may always be a difference in being an adult and being mature, we can always go in between the amount of maturity and adultness we show. To be an adult means that you have the power to go in and out of being mature or not. There is always an opportunity of being childish. That's the important thing to remember as we grow old and we become mature adults; that we will always be children inside.