Materialism Is Alive And Well
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Materialism Is A Real-Life Issue And I Can't Say I'm A Fan

Wake up, people.


So we hear all this talk about sugar daddies. What exactly is a sugar daddy? Well, it's essentially just a relationship based on money. Wealthy older men try to woo younger women by taking them to fancy dinners or buying them extravagantly expensive gifts in exchange for love, sexual favors, and on the rare occasion, nothing more than conversations.

With this in mind, is that really what love, sex, and conversations constitute of? For a man to get a woman's attention, does he just need to take his wallet out? Sir. Here's a news flash. IT NOT REAL. IT IS NOT GENUINE.

Okay, let me take a step back. In some cases, what started as money in exchange for emotions becomes true feelings, but in 9/10 cases, the woman reluctantly does what she is asked so that she can continue living this lavish lifestyle that the man has provided her with.

Quite honestly, the thought of this just disgusts me. You are just using a human being for their assets and you have no real desires or emotions to be in their presence. The only reason you "love" this person is because they give you the designer handbags and the fancy vacations.

This, my friends, is the concept of materialism.

Your love for one is shown only when given what you want. Sugar daddies are just one example, but it is present in a lot of relationships. Children only showing their love and gratitude towards their parents upon receiving gifts, when in reality they should be showing these emotions regardless of what their parents buy them. Recently my father posed me this question: "Would you rather be poor, but married to your soulmate, or married to the richest man on Earth that could give you all you wanted?"

Without hesitation, my brother says, "The richest woman." I was shocked because I knew my dad did not raise his children to think this way. But from his answer alone, I know that a majority of the world would've answered in similar fashion. Wake up people, money does not affect emotions. Money has no effect on chemistry. Money does not affect your sex life. Money does not make or break a genuine relationship.

I need to be able to indulge in deep conversations under the stars with someone I really, truly love. I need to have sex with someone that I'm genuinely attracted to. I don't care if you can put me on a yacht orbiting Mars, if I don't love you for you, then I don't care about what you can buy me.

The guy paying for your new Lamborghini is most likely not the one for the job. You aren't having sex with a bank account statement, it's a living breathing human. A human with a heart, mind, and soul. As a society today, we need to snap out of it and realize that money does not equate to love or emotions.

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