I never wear matching socks. Never. Honestly, I've always thought of matching and folding socks as a waste of time. People have asked me over and over why I don't fold my socks so I've actually spent some time trying to figure out something deeper than simply not wanting to fold and match my socks.

Life is too short to match your socks.

Wouldn't you rather get a few more minutes of sleep or have a quick catch up chat with a friend than making sure you are wearing two blue socks? There has to be something else you would rather do than matching socks that people might not even see.

Yes, I like to think I have my life sort of figured out, or at least as much as a 19-year-old can. I am organized. I am a planner, I mean events down to the hour. I am efficient so I can get as much done as possible.

Somewhere through all of these aspects, I started the habit of consciously mismatching my socks.

What I have finally managed to piece together is that my mismatched socks are my way of accepting and dealing with the craziness and chaos of life. My mismatched socks are the parts of my life that don't quite fit together. They are the bumps in the road and the unexpected detours. They are dealing with each curveball that I am thrown. The most important part is I am not afraid to share those bumps and detours with others. I show them to others that are part of my life as a way to form deeper relationships.

The socks are where I let myself be disorganized, where I let myself have my flaws. I know they are there, but with my socks, I am completely OK with them. They are part of me and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I have to constantly remind myself that I will always fall short, no matter what. It is impossible to achieve perfection and there is nothing wrong with that. My best is plenty and will always be enough. I push myself enough so it is OK to ease up sometimes.

I don't purposely choose two different socks in the morning, I just grab two from the drawer and run out the door.

I take the circumstances I am given for that specific day and I roll with it. I try to make the best of the situation and with my sock pairing. Sometimes it is a nice black sock and white sock combo, almost like a yin and yang, maybe showing how opposites compliment each other.

Other days it is one gray sock and a purple polka dot sock.

Those days I just laugh at myself, like how could that happen, but nonetheless, I put them on and walk out the door. Rejoice and be thankful in all circumstances, no matter what they are.