Matador Meggings - The Ultimate Guide for Your Workout Tights
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Matador Meggings - The Ultimate Guide for Your Workout Tights

Matador Meggings

Matador Meggings - The Ultimate Guide for Your Workout Tights

Brief history

Matador Meggings is a future-thinking men’s athleisure brand from Florida, USA. Primarily known for their men’s leggings or meggings since 2019, they engineer products specifically designed for the male anatomy with special attention to detail. They offer dozens of options too with bold colors and vibrant prints for every product they make, be it tank tops, compression shorts, or leggings.

Matadors or bullfighters are the main inspiration behind the brand. The founder, Valentine Aseyo sees matadors as epitomes of hyper-masculinity but also as emotionally sensitive figures who added grace with their tight-fitting pants to a sport that was brutal and raw in nature. The brand hopes that the modern man can embody the matador instead of adhering to age-old norms about masculinity, and stifling their freedom of expression and personality just so they live up to society’s expectations. It’s time for men of all body types to accept themselves and feel free to wear what highlights their personality in the best possible way. Matador Meggings wants to contribute to that changing culture with its line of offerings.

Why you should replace your regular workout tights with Matador Meggings

Regular workout tights are more translucent. So, people have to wear shorts or a separate layer on top of them for modesty when they are heading to the gym. High-performance athleisure wear like meggings is made with thick, opaque material and comes with a unique modesty pad to hide the VPL or Visible Penis Line. For a lot of men, this is a concern and this is an innovative solution that regular tights haven’t been successful in addressing. The pad is, however, easy to remove, in case you don’t want it.

Matador Meggings have a tighter fit than regular workout tights. Their specifically positioned seams and breathable form-fitting fabric with compression provide help with blood circulation in your body and can enhance your performance with its flexibility as well.

Regular tights are not made with enough lycra and hence, they tear easily. Meggings on the other hand allows for a 4-way stretch and are meant to withstand extreme conditions. They are made with a 4:1 blend of polyester and lycra and the durability is incomparable.

The regular workout tights available in the market mostly have boring colors and limited designs to choose from. Meggings are the new men’s fashion tights that come with a variety of prints and designs. Gone are the days of settling for a gray one because of the lack of options. You can go for trippy psychedelic prints with bold colors if you want when you choose Matador Meggings.

Meggings have open and zipper pockets for your phone and valuables, and there’s a loop to hang your wet towel or t-shirt. Regular tights aren’t this functional.

With meggings, you stay odor-free because the fabric has sweat-wicking properties. With regular tights, sweat and moisture sticks to your skin and get soaked up by the fabric, producing odor. That’s why you have to rush home every time you have a high-intensity workout.

When you know that there’s something not only better in quality and functionality than regular tights but also looks dapper and with personality, meggings are your best bet.

Benefits of compression pants for workout

When you work out in a gym or take part in any high-intensity training, it’s best to wear compression pants or leggings. The compression provided by the form-fitting fabric helps blood flow which has multiple benefits. They help your muscles to absorb more oxygen during heavy breathing because you need it. Speedy recovery after a session is not possible without compression pants or leggings. Because they are engineered for high-performance activities, they can help you push your own limits and elevate your performance. Basically, this is a training buddy in the form of clothing.

You should switch to leggings for your workouts if you haven’t yet because Matador Meggings with their confluence of technology, comfort, and style is a total game changer. Another reason would be their feather-like weight. You can bend till you want with them as they are made with durability as a selling point. The enhanced back rise coupled with inner drawstrings to keep things snug and avoid embarrassment is a combination you don’t find in regular workout tights either.


Limbo meggings from their fall collection have been a top seller for Matador Meggings along with the classic all Black and Black/Gray leggings.

Another crowd favorite is the Arrow meggings. It’s definitely popular among buyers who are extroverts and party starters but they have also been embraced by folks who like experimenting with clothes.

The Camo series with green, blue, gray, and now, red renditions have garnered a lot of love too among repeat buyers, travelers, and adventure sports enthusiasts.

How to train your legs in meggings

If you wear meggings for your leg training and general workout, you’re already on the right path. Compression pants help you push your body’s limits while preventing muscle cramps by oxygenating them constantly. Some exercises or routines that are great for your leg training are:

· Squats – yield great results if you’re working on your glutes and thighs. With meggings’ 4-way stretchable fabric, there’s no fear of tears while working on your butt muscles.

· Medicine ball glute lift – a workout using medicine balls can increase thigh strength when done wearing meggings.

· Lunges – when followed with a leg lift, these can increase your metabolism and build ultra-sleek muscles that strengthen your outer hips and thighs.

· Leg press with heel drive – best for reinforcing your quads and hamstrings.

· Deadlifts – doing these can give you increased strength and definition in your upper and lower back along with your hamstrings and glutes.

· Sissy squat with rope – if you want to work on your hip flexors and quads, try this in your meggings and feel the difference in flexibility.

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