Maryville College's Vanna White
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Maryville College's Vanna White

It is a never dull class, when your Professor is dressed like Vanna White for your lab-ware quiz. Needless to say nobody really paid much attention on the quiz.

Maryville College's Vanna White

When we were in high school we always heard that college is the hardest thing ever, we have to manage our school schedule, social life, sleep for 8 hours and get a GPA of 4.0 all by ourselves. And according to rumors we will not have the same “special” attention we had in high school, because we will be just numbers and we’ll be lucky if one day our professors get our name right. But I am here to tell you that College is not that hard (Ah who am I kidding, it is freaking hard, but we do have our perks).

Just to make things clear, the professors are awesome and always go an extra mile to make sure we understand a topic and having fun while doing so. Of course that every professor has a different approach, some brings us brownies, others host a small pizza party before finals or jeopardy nights and then we have Mr. Martin who wears dresses to cheer us up during our lab quiz. And he, ladies and gentlemen is what we call “the extra cool professor”

Mr. Martin at first seems like a totally “normal” professor, till you attend one of his classes and/or have a five-minute conversation with him. Then is just laughs the entire time.

He has participated in the international student’s fashion show, wearing a shirt from Nigeria; I mean how cool is he?

But, the best was yet to come, you see, he is a chemistry lab instructor. And usually our lab takes at least 2 and a half hours and even thou we get pretty busy, sometimes is kinda drag, (no offense), to weigh a screw, put it in a burette with water just to measure the density of the screw. And we usually have a quiz before starting the actual lab so we are usually not that excited! So, last Tuesday, Mr. Martin showed up like this:

Why?? Because he is cool, and because he wanted to feel “fabulous” and impersonate Vanna White from the “Wheel of Fortune”. And truth be told, he did look fabulous on that dress, the only problem was, I don’t think me, and everybody else, really paid much attention on the lab ware quiz, because we were too busy laughing every time he would get one instrument and say “Item number 1” as if we were in an auction.

But thanks to him, our days are never dull, simply because we never know what to expect from him. So, here’s to you, Professor. Here’s to always making us laugh, for trying to say my name right, for looking fabulous in that dress, and for being our “Vanna White”!


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