Mary Oliver Taught Me That My Love For Dogs Is Infinite

Mary Oliver Taught Me That My Love For Dogs Is Infinite

"Dog Songs," a collection of poems written by Mary Oliver, is an incredible work that displays the beautiful connection between canine and human.

Bear, photographed by me.

Mary Oliver, an incredible poet and a lover of dogs among other incredible titles. Unfortunately, we recently lost Mary Oliver, at the age of 83, on January 17, 2019. She was one of the most beloved and respected poets of our time and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Mary Oliver and her pup, Percy.

A friend of mine, coincidentally, lent me a collection of works by Oliver titled "Dog Songs" a few months before Oliver passed and also at a time when I was dealing with the loss of a beloved friend. This friend, of course, knew that anything to do with cuddly canines would help me to the other side. This is also the same friend who helped me adopt my dog, Bear. Bear has been my rock while I have been in school. As funny as it sounds, he keeps me accountable and boy has he taught me patience.

While at home one evening, I stumbled upon a poem titled "Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night." I was brought to the brink of tears by this simple, but profound poem about the relationship between man, in my case, woman, and dog.

There is much to learn from Oliver and her intense love for canine companions. Appreciate them. Dogs love with no boundaries which is something we could all use in our lives.


He puts his cheek against mine

and makes small expressive sounds.

And when I'm awake, or awake enough

he turns upside down, his four paws

in the air

and his eyes dark and fervent.

"Tell me you love me," he says.

"Tell me again."

Could there be any sweeter arrangement? Over and over

he gets to ask.

I get to tell.

Mary Oliver, Dog Songs

Love with no boundaries and appreciate your canine companions. They will never leave your side and you can never let them down—unless, of course, the supply of treats is running dry.

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