With the semester dwindling to a close and sleep dwindling to extinction, it's easy to lose sight of what you care about. Life seems to be comprised of lectures, club meetings, and endless essays, leaving no room for "me" time. Everyone has a "To Do" list too long to check twice, a list that influences how people spend their time.

But what if you could live a life without influences, without a set parameter of what you should do? I wrote this poem trying to find out...


I marvel at finches
For finding fixes
To life without Google
Telling them exactly what it is
Finches should do.

Imagine you
Find yourself on an island
With no ancestors, only instinct, to guide through
The season’s and Darwin’s unspoken guide to
Natural Selection.

Can you really pretend you wouldn’t
Freak the fuck out?

But after all the freaking
I imagine there would be a lot of comfort in seeking
Exactly what it is you’re freaking here for.

No Google to guide you
Only your mind to sort through
The tumultuous options for you to spend your life.

And maybe we would do better
Splattered across an archipelago.
There would be no asking
Where should I go?
Only going to and fro,
Depending upon Nature’s
Will that day.

So if given the option
I think I would pack a bag and stay there for a while.