Manscape. Girls Notice.
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Manscape. Girls Notice.

The Do's and Don'ts of facial hair from a woman's perspective. Men, read closely.

Manscape. Girls Notice.

For some guys, college is the first time in their lives that facial hair appears as more than a few small chin hairs or a creepy mustache. With this great new power, comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, too many guys use their facial hair powers for evil, not for good. The “scruffy” look only looks good on McDreamy, and might categorize you as homeless to others. Trust me, girls notice when you Manscape.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to facial hair, according to women: 

DO manscape. What is manscaping you ask?

Verb: To remove unwanted body hair, other than scalp hair, by waxing, shaving, etc.

This is crucial, especially during that awkward phase when your beard or mustache is emerging.

DO pick a beard/mustache style that shapes your jaw line. Your facial hair says something about your personality, hobbies and lifestyle.

If you go with the neck beard, you're saying, “I'm a wild, outdoorsman,” who probably shaves with his knife by a campfire every night. Be careful, though; if the neckbeard starts to grow too low, it may blend into chest hair. In this case you just become that smelly, hairy guy. To avoid being wrongly accused of bad hygiene, insert manscape.


The circle beard, called the Van Dyke, gives more of a strange, dangerous look. This occurs when the goatee beard connects with the mustache to form an entire circle. 

DO shave your face clean before you officially commit to growing a beard & stache. Contrary to popular belief, slightly trimming a beard will not help it grow.

DO wash your beard with soap or shampoo. Our hair anatomically absorbs smells, so if you don't wash it, girls will cringe.

DO invest in beard oil if it begins to grow in length. Not only will it make your beard smell fantastic, but it eliminates specific problems like beard itch, below-the-beard acne, and sensitive skin, without feeling greasy.

DO take vitamins like keratin that help your hair grow if you're desiring to get on Gandalf's level. 

DON'T let your facial scruff get to the 6 o’clock shadow. Shave that sucker, or manscape it, around 4 o'clock. Any later and you look slightly homeless; unless you're Bradley Cooper.

DON’T try growing a beard if you just can’t. If your beard stays in the patchy stage for more than a week, it’s not worth your face looking like a newborn baby’s head. Embrace your bald face; maybe try a mustache.

DON’T do the solo Goatee. A complete goatee covers your chin with a patch, below a small patch below the lower lip, and is concluded with a clean mustache. Take away one of these elements, and you've become Chris Kirkpatrick; the member of *NSync we all forget about. Now you know why…

DON'T grow a handle bar mustache unless you're, "that guy."

DON'T let it get too long unless you're planning on using it for recreational purposes. 

Girls notice guys who are well groomed, but don't just do it for the ladies. Manscaping will make you feel more mature, clean and will give off a more put together vibe overall. 

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