A Man's Viewpoint: Heartbreak

We try to act strong throughout the healing process of heartbreak, but that is only the surface area. This feeling affects you to the core and takes a great amount of time to fully grasp it. Everything in your life must crumble in order to rebuild from the ashes.

The dedication that is required from you is unimaginable throughout any relationship. Every single detail between the two involved requires 100 percent focus and nothing less! Some people look at this in regards to an investment, but that is only a portion of the issue here. The issue is the ungodly amount of unconditional love that the significant other needs from you each and every day. This feeling now becomes your life as every thought, action, and emotion are now bonded with said requirement.

Now, when the world as you know it begins to crumble, then chaos is born from the fear and panic that manifests. These two emotions tend to work best with their friends hatred, sadness, and confusion. This tag team likes to cause complete turmoil within the already crumbling world. There does not appear to be any hope for light to shine on this once prosperous, and joyful place. No matter how strong you are, these emotions will be lingering around for months, maybe years! Even the slightest detail in life will cause vivid episodes of memories to occur. This is a smidgen deeper than simply sitting within your room or confided quarters curled up into a ball of sadness. The main point is the attempt to move forward on a daily basis with the haunting torment from the team mentioned before!

How far will you convince yourself that the wounds have healed? People of all ages experience the feeling of heartbreak which sometimes leads to a depressed, unsocial state of living. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no cure for this and every remedy will be completely different depending on the person. There is no amount of strength, confidence, or pride that will allow the wound(s) to heal any faster than they need to. They need to heal on their own and not be temporarily patched up with anything or anyone. For example, drinking your sorrows away will be the best time of your life, but the hangover is waiting for you the following day.

Do not simply patch up your life with people or objects. In order to truly love someone, you need to understand a love for yourself first. The true cure is being able to love yourself without any outside influences. Move forward, and experience the world through your eyes alone with an open mind! You do not want a significant other falling in love with the sadness within you or even the confusion that needs answers. Experience the world on your own pathway, so the right person will come along and fall in love with you at your strongest! What is the limit to your potential strength? You are presented with the decision to move forward, or give up. Never give up because you have complete control over your life. Gear up, find this strength, so you can share everything that you truly are with a future significant other.

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