Coping With My Love Of Fashion While Trying To Rid Material Possessions

Coping With My Love Of Fashion While Trying To Rid Material Possessions

Can you be minimalistic and still want Sarah Jessica Parker heels?

I literally just got finished watching one of the most eye-opening documentaries I’ve ever seen, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. While I watched the hour or so long film I was hooked and watching with twinkling eyes. Upon finishing the documentary I immediately wanted to throw out all my shoes, handbags, hats, scarves, and clothing items (FYI that feeling didn’t last long).

Sometimes I wish I could be like a monk. Own nothing and be at peace with everything (, but let’s be real, I can’t wear white after Labor Day). I wish I could be a true minimalist and live in a tiny house, have three tops and three bottoms and one pair of sneakers. I wish I could trade in my car and ride my bike 20+ miles a day to work and all around the city, but I can’t. In all honesty, I won’t.

I’m that rare breed of girl (*hint: sarcasm) who loves clothes and shoes and designers. I’m not what people would call a “label whore”, but designers inspire me. When I see a pair of Kate Spade flats I get this euphoric feeling. I am obsessed with anything colorful, girly, and chic. For me, looking at high-end handbags (i.e. Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Valentino, etc. NOT Michael Kors, no offence) is the equivalent of looking at a Jackson Pollock painting. It’s intriguing, it draws me in, I have to stare at it and figure out the design for myself. For me, a designer handbag is a work of art.

The same adoration goes for shoes. I am OBSESSED with shoes. I recently bought a pair of Saint Laurent espadrille wedges for $70. Not because I needed them, but because they were beautiful. My newest addiction is Sarah Jessica Parker pumps, I literally get chills just looking at her Candy colored Fawn heels. The irony is that I returned the Saint Laurent wedges a week later, why? Because I’m learning how to cope with my love for fashion and my love for minimalism.

I’ve questioned if the two lifestyles could really co-exist and I believe they can. The idea of minimalism is to get rid of things that don’t bring joy or happiness to your life. If a pair of Manolo’s brings joy to your life, keep them, love them. The wedges, although freaking adorable, didn’t bring joy to my life. They were about six inches high (which is still really high for wedges) and floral (which I could only wear during the spring). They sat in my closet for a while and I just didn’t get the feeling that I was expecting by buying them.

In order to sync these two lifestyles you really need to know and understand yourself first. Does this item bring you happiness? If you got rid of it today would you miss it? Whether the item has sentimental value or not (a.k.a hoarding) you need to evaluate yourself as well as the item of choice and see if it really belongs in your life.

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