"Manners Maketh the Man": Kingsman the Golden Circle Review

In the sequel to an unexpected hit of 2015, The Kingsmen agency finds itself without a headquarters and has to find out who the culprit is while working together with their American sibling agency, The Statesmen.

I absolutely loved this film! It was funny, entertaining, and very adrenaline pumping. Right from the beginning at almost 2 minutes into the story you're thrust into action with a car chase and Prince music. Definitely it felt a bit necessary to blast rock music and drive fast afterwards to get the action out of your system.

A lot of people said that it fell to the curse of "sequelitis" and I think that is actually kind of true. There was more talking and less action than the last one but, when there was action it made up for the slow part. For example, the ski gondola ( I think that's what those are called) scene that you see in the trailer

was really well done, I would compare it to the same stress and tension you probably felt watching the skydiving scene in the first one.

Honestly though in the end I was just happy that we got a sequel! I loved the first one and then being told that there would be a second one was exciting in itself. It's like eating ice cream then being told I can have cake with it. I didn't need it but I'm very happy to have it so thanks!

If you love action, a good spy story, and just enjoyed the first as much as I did, then this is the film for you.



The only thing that angered me though was the quick fired deaths in the first half hour. Remember that puppy we all loved, JB?

He dies! JB dies guys! JB dies! Why?!?!?!?!

Also so does Roxie! Why?!?! I feel like I barely knew the girl!

I'm going on comic book logic though, and will hope that they are still alive. No body in a coffin, no death! I mean look what it lead to for this one!

Plus if anyone wants some Statesmen Whiskey, here's the link.

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