In this day in age, at high tech startups and disruptive tech companies, we don't need managers anymore. We need leaders. Managers nowadays have a confined way of thinking. They are too traditional and don't apply non-orthodox techniques to newly disruptive technologies and industries. This is problematic because this way of thinking isn't the same for innovators.

Innovators are people who lead and are willing to take risks. Managers are willing to minimize risks. They are the people who worked hard to get to the corporate ladder but they never thought differently. They learned, but they never learned outside their scope of work.

Managers are quick to lay off or replace employees if the company is in trouble. They are quick to not appreciate valuable skills their employees may have that may be unnoticed or not maximized at the time. Leaders are quick to either avoid the situation from happening or to fix the situation.

Managers play by the rules. They are the ones who may get those fancy MBAs or shred the resumes' of those without a degree. They are the ones who highly respect the status quo, even if the status quo is wrong. They are good for making a steady return but they won't push the company forward to its maximum potential. They don't specialize in increasing morale. They only specialize in increasing quotas from time to time.

The whole point of this article is to state that leaders aren't managers. Even if leaders are managing people, they don't see themselves as managing people. They don't look lowly on their colleagues. They are the risk takers. They may be odd, but they want their employees to feel like they are part of something great. These are the disruptors. They are the ones who will make a difference and change the world.