Not going to lie, I have already seen "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" twice since it has come out. I loved the first one, so there is no surprise that I would love the second one either. "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" follows the adventure of an older Sophie trying to live up to her mother's footsteps and recreate the hotel that young Donna once envisioned. While also following around the story of how Donna -- and her two crazy best friends -- came about the hotel and met the great love(s) of her life.

1. When Young Bill Made His MOVE On Young Donna

I am pretty sure you could feel the high attraction in the theater when every one saw young Bill (Josh Dylan), but watching him pull his moves on young Donna left the audience shaken. Young Bill was a straight babe and his rendition of "Why did it have to be me," makes me swoon. Trust me you'll thank me later for putting this video here.

2. Tanya's Most Iconic Line

From her solo in "Mamma Mia!" to a show-stopping-one-liner, Tanya (Christine Baranski) is the cool aunt that every girl wishes she had. Later in the movie, she also delivers another iconic line -- geared towards Fernando's brother -- to which she says, "have him washed and brought to my tent."

3. Young Donna As A Whole

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Young Donna (Lily James) is who I want to be in a few years. From her remake of ABBA's "When I Kissed The Teacher" to her few love affairs, Young Donna shows us that being a young adult on your own is not all sunshine and rainbows, but as long as you have a vision, some good friends and know what you want everything will inevitably fall into place and be okay.

4. Young Harry's "Waterloo" Moment

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Young Harry (Hugh Skinner), was crushing hard the second he saw young Donna. But, his big "Waterloo" scene is what ended the whole young Harry love for me. It was slightly too much and a little creepy, but that doesn't derail that young Harry is still a cutie and deserved to have his chance. By the end of it, I felt just as bad for him as young Donna did.

5. Rosie's Life Is By Far The Most Relatable

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I cannot count how many times, all the guys I have ever liked have been more interested in one of my friends. So Young (Alexa Davies) and Old (Julie Walters) Rosie's love for cake was by far the most relatable part of the entire movie. She had every right for devouring some cake when things went downhill and young Bill did not give her a second look.

6. Young Donna's True "Mamma Mia" Moment

After her heartbreak from Young Sam (Jeremy Irvine), Donna and the Dynamos are set to play their first gig at a bar that is lacking in the audience department. Young Donna states that she "doesn't know how to sing about love when she is not feeling it." To which, the young Rosie responds with "sing what you do feel," and let me tell you young Donna (Lily James) did JUST THAT.

7. When Ruby And Fernando Had The Biggest Plot Twist

Not going to lie, I saw this one coming from the very beginning, but I was still left shook from this romance as a whole. Ruby (Cher) and Fernando (Andy Garcia) apparently fell in love back in the 50's in Cuba. Let me just say this whole scene truly made me want to believe the quote about letting love go and it will eventually come back to you. I really hope that there is a potential love story that brings us a "Mamma Mia 3" about Fernando potentially being Sophie's grandfather.

I would love to have young Dona's life right now, but I think I need to graduate college before I am ready to take on a Greek island and my own hotel. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this movie and thought that the whole crew did amazing at putting it together. I will definitely be singing all of the ABBA songs at some ~random~ times for the next two weeks.