It seems like every time you open Instagram or Snapchat, it looks like someone somewhere is having a fantastic summer. Pictures of people at the beach, a music festival or people studying/ traveling abroad. I can't help but envy these people so much because I would love nothing else than to be traveling and vacationing somewhere beautiful with my friends. I'm jealous because so many people I know don't have to work this summer, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Having to work so you can pay bills or save up for the school year while it seems the rest of the world is having the time of their life sucks.

I'm trying to turn this situation around and think of the positive things that come along with working all summer and to be honest, it's not all that bad. Yeah, it would be nice to be able to sit by the pool all day and tan, but at least if you're working you'll have money. Money to save up for the rest of the year so when you're at school and you really want a 2 A.M cookout run you're able to.

If that isn't good enough, think of all the resume building you're doing. It's difficult to build up a resume if you don't have the experience, which is what you're getting working during the summer. Depending on what you're doing, this could really be a useful tool in the future!!

And to be honest, anything is better than sleeping until noon every day and not doing anything. Sure that's nice for the first few days after classes have ended and it's something you've dreamed about since midterms, but it gets old after a while. At least while you're at work you're being productive and actually doing something with your life.

If you're working back home, at least you're home. In most cases, you won't have to be paying rent or food so you can save up the money you're earning (or spending it!). You can hang out with your friends from school or your dogs or even your family. You won't be able to come home for the summer forever so take advantage of it!

Not having any big trips or fun things planned for the summer can be really upsetting, but it's all about how you look at it! It can still be a fun and relaxing summer!