Make Pop Punk Great Again

Make Pop Punk Great Again

How one band is changing the Philadelphia music scene for the better.

Philadelphia has seen it's fair share of musicians, but over the years, there really haven't been any local bands that caught my eye, until I heard this one. Their unique sound, their catchy lyrics and the passion they convey on stage convinced me that this band was different than the rest. That unique band's name is Grayscale, and they are taking the Philadelphia music scene by storm.

The band is comprised of five guys, Derek Parker, Andrew Kyne, Collin Walsh, Dallas Molster and Nick Veno. These five guys all share the same passion - making music. In 2011 their musical career began with them building their fan base and pushing themselves even harder when it came to making music. In April 2015 they released their first EP off of Anchor Eighty Four Records called "Change". Not long after that they went to work creating their debut full-length album, which was released in February 2016 titled "What We're Missing".

For the past five years this band has been on the move, headlining their own shows, releasing a music video, being featured in Alternative Press for their new album and opening for various artist such as Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep and Transit. Although this band has so many great accomplishments, they are still nowhere near done, though. Grayscale has put hard work, dedication and a lot of raw emotion into their music and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

One of the most unique things about this band is how they give back to their fans, even if it's tiny things that they do. Recently the band decided to do a pop up acoustic show on Drexel's campus. Not only is this a way for them to get their music out to a bigger audience but it's also a way to connect with their fans. Another interesting way that Grayscale connects with their fans is their new YouTube segment, which they started a few weeks ago, called "Grayscale Reads Your Tweets" which is comprised of the members reading and answering tweets from their fans. This not only shows off the guys goofy side, it also shows how even though they work hard on their music, they still find time to play as well.

In the world of pop punk today, it can be difficult to find a band that catches your eye, but when it comes to Grayscale they make it easier than most. If you ever have the chance to attend a Grayscale show, do it. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Make sure you check out Grayscale and their new album "What We're Missing" on ITunes.

Cover Image Credit: Alt Press

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22 Post Malone ‘beerbongs & bentleys’ Lyrics College Kids Will Use As Insta Captions This Summer

It's here, and it's fire.

If you didn't know, I am really not sure how you wouldn't know, but it's fine, Post Malone's new album FINALLY came out! Posty has time and time again proven that he's a trailblazer in the music industry. His genre is a mix of everything, from rap to acoustic guitar, and he sounds like he's at home in both settings.

Here it is, a list of Post Malone lyrics you'll use or see as Instagram captions. I can already feel it, this summer is Posty's summer –– a summer for "beerbongs & bentleys."

1. "Spoil My Night" - "Won't you come spoil my night?"

2. "Spoil My Night" - "Feelings come into play and I'm thinkin' this happens every time"

3. "Spoil My Night" - "Yeah, when I walk up in a party, they all act like they know me"

4. "Zack and Codeine" - "Been livin' fast, no I can't take it slowly"

5. "Zack and Codeine" - "But it don't mean nothing without all my people"

6. "Zack and Codeine" - "Pour that drink 'cause we ain't sleepin' tonight"

7. "Takin Shots" - "Heard that there's a party, I might pay a visit"

8. "Takin Shots" - "Baby, just for the night, you my soulmate"

9. "Over Now" - "I'ma turn the tables, promise you will not forget it"

10. "Stay" - "Damn, who are we right now?"

11. "Blame It On Me" - "These hurricanes inside of my brain"

12. "Same Bitches" - "Bottles on deck, and my drink full"

13. "Same Bitches" - "Population four million, how I see the same bitches?"

14. "Jonestown" - "It happens every time"

15. "92 Explorer" - "She in the front seat head bangin'"

16. "Sugar Wraith" - "And then I went and changed my life"

17. "Sugar Wraith" - "I take the lead, they just follow"

18. "Rockstar" - "Sayin, 'I'm with the band'"

19. "Rockstar" - "Livin’ like a Rockstar, I’m livin’ like a Rockstar"

20. "Rockstar" - "Sweeter than a Pop-Tart”

21. "Psycho" - "Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you"

22. "Psycho" - "I got homies, let it go"

Cover Image Credit: Post Malone // Instagram

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5 Disney Princesses That Need To Be Your Role Model

These Disney princesses don't need a hero, because they are the hero.

Growing up, I watched plenty of Disney princess movies. As I got older I realized some of these princesses are totally not worth idealizing, but here are 5 Disney princesses that should be your role model.

1. Mulan

Mulan is my favorite Disney princess. She is incredibly heroic, taking her father’s place in the war and saves all of China. All while having everyone look down on her just because of her gender.

2. Tiana

Tiana taught us all about hard work. This girl saved every penny she earned and didn’t stop till her dream of opening her own restaurant became a reality.

3. Belle

Belle showed us that being smart is way more important than looks. She is completely selfless, and it’s shown as she boldly goes looking for her father and even took his place in the beast’s castle.

4. Pocahontas

Pocahontas sees the good in everyone, even when she is told who the bad guy is. She can bring the enemies together in the end.

5. Merida

Even though this is one of my least favorite movies, I can’t ignore how BRAVE Merida is, because it’s literally in the title. She is unbelievably strong-willed and never backs down from a challenge.

These 5 Disney princesses are brave, smart, selfless, and hard-working. They deserve to be every girl's top role models.

Cover Image Credit:

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