Makeup Must Haves

Makeup Products Every Woman Needs In Their Makeup Bag

Here's the hints to the good stuff!


Makeup products are not a necessity to life, but they are something that people love to play around with, wear out everyday, and rock for special occasions! Here are the top products that are a must for your makeup bag!

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

When starting with makeup, you need a good base! This foundation is a great way to do this and has tons of shades with the ability to color match your skin tone. A light foundation without the overdone, cakey feel is just what every women needs.

Touch Glorious Face Primer

Primer is a must in order to keep your makeup strong and glowing throughout the day!

1. Epic Mascara

You need your eyes to pop, so mascara is a must! The Moonstruck Epic Mascara will give you just that! It will absolutely blow out your lashes!

Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer

No one is perfect, so when you have flaws you need this concealer to help hide them a bit. It will deff get the job done and help your skin.

Moodstruck Cream Splurge Shadows

Now these are more than just eyeshadows. These shadows are a smooth, pliable texture that you put on your eyes, followed by it setting in seconds! These shadows can also be used on your lips!

Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palettes

Another way to make those eyes pop is with one of these shadow pallets! They all have different themes of colors that you can make amazing looks with.

Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick

These lipsticks will forever change your thought of lipsticks! They last for HOURS (I've seen them go 10 hours) and the colors are amazing! The matte nude, stellar, is my favorite!

Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette

The brows are always a struggle, so check out this pallete which has steps to make sure your brows are perfect even when you can't make it to get them waxed. Fill them in and then use the wax to make sure they stay in place.

Royalty Exfoliating Mask

You need that skin looking good so here's something to refresh it with and make it glow and refreshed.

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10 TV Shows You Need To Watch On Hulu

Hulu is slept on


I have recently moved to watch shows and movies on Hulu and Netflix. Hulu has a lot of great shows and movies to offer that aren't on Netflix. While Netflix is still great, Hulu is definitely starting to grow on me. Here are some shows that I have watched or have started watching on Hulu that I think are pretty great!

1. 11.22.63

If you love James Franco and Stephen King, you'll love this show. The first episode is a bit long, but all the other episodes are only 45 minutes. The plot line is pretty interesting. I also like that it doesn't tell you everything, it shows it to you and you piece things together.

2. The Act

The fact that this show is based on a true story is just insane. The acting is really great, especially if you watch actual videos of Gypsy, Joey King does a great job.

3. Castle Rock

Another Stephen King masterpiece. This show is riveting and really makes you think about what the truth is in the context of the story, and brings in some ethical questions.

4. Future Man

I've only recently started this but it's pretty interesting and funny.

5. The O.C.

The O.C. (TV Series 2003–2007) - IMDb

This show was great. Sometimes it was a bit annoying, but it is a classic show from the early 2000s. You really become invested in all the characters and your opinion may change on some characters because they grow and develop throughout the show.

6. The Handmaid's Tale

If you've read the book, you should definitely watch the show.

7. Obsession: Dark Desires

I just love true crime stories and this really dives deep into crime stories and the darkest parts of humanity.

8. Intervention

This show can be really sad or frustrating, but I think it's good for people to see the reality of addiction.

9. Smallville

Smallville (2001-2011)

I also started this one very recently and I've always wanted to watch it. It can be cheesy but it's pretty entertaining.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a great show if you want to laugh. I love all of the characters and everything they bring to the table.

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