Say it with me, "Makeup is gender neutral."

Some of you reading this will probably disagree and that is perfectly OK. Even some girls reading this will go, "I don't even wear makeup," and that's OK too. Makeup is not a requirement, it is a choice. Because it is a choice, anyone, regardless of gender, can wear makeup. If it makes you happy, then wear it. I do not get why people still make a fuss about this kind of thing, especially today with people like Jeffree Star, who are in the public eye more than ever. If people bring up the immensely stupid, "Because makeup is not manly," or, "All women should wear makeup," argument, I will not be afraid to explain to you why that it a terrible argument. In our generation, it feels like a lot of things can become socially possible, if a lot already isn’t. By now, most people should know that it is OK for someone born a male to not be "manly" and all that other sort. Our generation is already breaking gender stereotypes into shatters, so why not makeup?

Technically makeup has been gender neutral for a long time now, due to makeup being used in plays since medieval Europe, when actors altered their face appearances by painting themselves with a different color, combined with the fact that actors were only men until around 1660. Also don't forget that female as well as male actors today also always wear makeup for TV, movies, as well as bands and singers that perform on stage and politicians that do speeches that are being broadcasted on TV.

Now, say that the argument is that TV and stage makeup is a different case. OK, then let's talk about recreational makeup. Being a makeup enthusiast and a drag queen fanatic, I have seen more than my fair share of stunning makeup on males, females and whatever is in-between. Makeup also brings people together. It is something to obsess over and share information about -- you learn from one another. Even getting your makeup done by someone is usually a relaxing process that lets the artist use the model as a canvas and the whole idea of that is beautiful to me.

Drag queens wear pounds of makeup. That girl at the bus stop may wear none one day, and then a bold red lip and sultry cat eye the next day. The boy walking down the street may look like a stereotypical ‘normal’ boy, until looking closer and seeing that he is wearing some mascara and a hint of lip gloss because he likes it. Makeup is supposed to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin, whether that be covering up redness and acne, or having purple eyebrows and crazy false eyelashes. Makeup is a choice that everyone can choose from and is not limited to someone because of their gender. If it makes you happy, confident or feel more at ease, then wear it and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.