5 Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Seasonal Makeup Collection
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5 Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Seasonal Makeup Collection

'Tis the season for glitter, bold lipstick and smiles.

5 Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Seasonal Makeup Collection

Are you ready to jump into fall glam? The season of dark lipstick, spicy perfumes and flawless foundation is upon us. Is your makeup kit stocked? Here are five things everyone should include in theirs:

A Beauty Blender

A necessity for blending concealer and foundations to seamless perfection, this tool is a go-to for beauty gurus everywhere. The official Beauty Blender will run you about $20, but great substitutes can be found at the drugstore by Real Techniques and other brands.


Foundation That Gives You A Seasonal Glow

While many high-end foundation do the trick, I've recently fallen in love with a drugstore find that's blow me away. This foundation by Wet N' Wild blend seamlessly and lasts all day. Make sure to have a shade that matches not just your face, but your neck and body, too. Keep in mind, it's not tanning season anymore.


A Bold Lipstick

While neutrals are all the summer rage, the cooler months call for a dose of color. Burnt oranges and reds of all kind give any makeup look a classy elevation.


A Highlighter That Blinds

Whether it be a powder that has luminosity beyond compare, or a liquid formula that gives you a natural shine, highlighters are all the rage - especially during the holiday season.


A Versatile Eye Shadow Palette

Eyes are some of the most beautiful features on a person, so highlight them with color that makes you feel vibrant and eclectic. Some of my favorites are the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette, or the Modern Renaissance by ABH.


What makeup looks tend to get you in the holiday spirit? Will you be treating yourself to any new makeup products this holiday season? Show me your favorite looks on Twitter @CarolineSaysSo!

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