College Football Game Day Makeup Tips and Tricks
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My College Football Game Day Makeup Routine

Something that is quick, easy, and pretty from a far!

My College Football Game Day Makeup Routine
Tatayana Allen

College game day is a super busy day for me because I am in the marching band at the college attend. But as apart of the color guard, I magically have to find time to put on a full face of makeup. I have done this for about three years so I mastered what works best for me. I like to keep it simple so I can do it quickly and be ready on time for the game! So here are my essential steps and tips for game college day makeup!

1. Light coverage foundation that is buildable

Starting off with a heavy foundation is a mistake in my book. Sometimes, especially during the beginning of the season, it way too hot outside to wear a heavy and full coverage foundation because it will just end up melting off. If you start with a lighter coverage foundation, you always have the option to build it up. I also like to mix my foundation with a liquid highlighter to try to make skin look glowy.

2. Concealer to brighten and as eyeshadow primer

Concealer is magic and you can do two steps at once with it. All you have do is put it on your eyelids and other spots you want to brighten! Then blend and you are done!

3. Eyebrow pencils

I can never skip doing my eyebrows. It is as simple as that. Find an eyebrow pencil that you like to use so you can do it quickly!

4. No eyeliner

This more of a personal preference. Deciding to use eyeliner or not really depends on eye shape and how you're feeling that day. I used to wear eyeliner every day, but for the past year or so I have chosen only to wear eyeliner every once and a while. I just think my eyes look bigger and more open without it on. It also saves me a good amount of time during my makeup routine.

5. Go-to browns and neutral eyeshadows

I try to keep it simple in the crease. I just use darker browns and neutrals in the crease that I know blend well and stand out. It is quick and easy!

6. Glitter eyes and a good mascara

This year I tried using glitter on my eyes and I really liked it. Up close it may look at messy because I literally apply it with my finger a lot of the time. However, it looks great in pictures and at a distance. It brings a lot of attention to the eyes! Also adding a good amount of mascara helps bring attention to your eyes as well.

7. Chisel your cheek bones

Shaping my face is an important step, mostly because I like doing it and it shapes my face. I just set my face with powder. Then I break out the highlight, the blush, and the contour!

8. A matte red lip

A good, powerful red lip never fails! I like matte lipsticks because the deliver a bold pigmented look and it last all game for me.

Okay, that is the last of my game day beauty secrets. It is fast and it is super easy for me. I think what is most important for game day makeup is learning what looks good on you and finding the most efficient way for you to put it on!

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