Some guys may not like makeup, but ladies, that doesn't stop us from loving every part of it. If you're a makeup addict, you'll know many things to be true...

1. There is no such thing as "too much highlight"

No, there is never enough and no, no two highlights are ever the same.

2. Your backpack contains more makeup than school supplies

When someone asks for a highlighter, you'll offer them Urban Decay's Sin instead of a pink Bic.

3. You know that not all mascaras do the same thing

There is a difference between lengthening, separating, volumizing, and defining mascaras - even if they all look the same on the outside.

4. Some things you can buy from a drugstore

Let's be honest... Eyeliner and mascara can definitely be bought at CVS and they'll work just as good.

5. The debut of a long-awaited palette is more exciting than Christmas

The countdown on your phone was set for Kylie's new line instead of Christmas morning.

6. You know about any celeb makeup collaborations before they even happen

Rihanna's line was ICONIC and worth the wait.

7. You can easily tell the difference between two seemingly identical lip colors

MAC's Lady Danger and Mangrove are NOT the same.

8. You can instantly recommend makeup for someone's skin type

Tarte is little to medium weight that's good for a fair complexion compared to Urban Decay which is a little more heavy and is good for skin that's needs a little more coverage.

9. You probably know more than the Sephora and Ulta workers

It takes everything you have not to tell them that they need a different shade of blush which they'll find in the back right of the store.

10. Your inbox is filled with discounts for your favorite brands

VIB member at Sephora and platinum card member at Ulta, baby.

11. Your fav YouTubers are all MUAs

MUA Manny, James Charles, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star... They're all in your recently watched.

12. Your Instagram feed is all MUAs and makeup brands

Who wouldn't want to see a 25 second mini tutorial from @mannymua733 and Morphe's featured palettes?

13. You know that no boy is worth your favorite mascara running

Even if it's only a $9 tube from L'oreal, he's not worth it.

14. Not wearing makeup will result in at least 5 people asking if you're sick

Not sick, just bare-faced.

15. No one needs to ask you what you want for a gift

People assume that the newest makeup product is at the top of your wish list - which it is.

16. Your free time is filled with practicing makeup looks

You'll never master the sharp cut crease and perfectly-blended halo if you don't practice every chance you get.

17. Makeup is possibly your favorite part of life

The endless looks, incredible deals, awesome YouTube tutorials, and finding new and amazing products will always be your favorite part of who you are.