DJ Khaled is receiving quite a bit of attention for his snapchat stories giving his "Keys to Success," which highlight his life and the activities that he enjoys on his journey to more success. Here are 11 gems of advice we can use in the coming year to achieve what we want to achieve.

1. They don't want you to jet ski.

Sometimes, they don't want you to enjoy the activities you love the most. You know what you should do? Jet ski anyway. Even if it means you get pulled over. They'll do anything they can to stop you from enjoying your activities. Don't let them. Major key.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a major key.

They'll try and tell you that you're an adult and you need to eat grown up cereal like Raisin Bran. They just want to take away your youth. Eat your sugary cereal. Keep the kid in you well fed. Major key.

3. Sometimes, you get lost at sea.

That's okay because life is all about the journey. They don't want you to explore. They want to keep you away from success, and success means losing yourself to the elements, figuring out where you are in the ocean as you figure out where you are as a person. Always look inside yourself for the answer. Major key. Trust me.

4. They don't want you to smile.

A major key to more success is smiling. Show them that you bless up. Smile while you send them snapchats filled with keys. This is a major key.

5. One major key is to have all the keys, so you can open every door.

Plain and simple. A closed door only exists to keep you from your success. Unlock those doors to unlock your success. Major key.

6. Don't play yourself.

Major key: be true to you. This is key to anything you want to accomplish in life. Being real with yourself is the only true way to bless up. Don'e be your own hater, that's exactly what they want. Don't put limits on yourself. Follow your heart on its own journey to more success.

7. Walk with me, vibe with me.

They try and keep you by yourself. They try and tell you that you don't need anyone but yourself to get more success. But remember the last major key: don't play yourself. The major key is to get advice from someone already on the pathway to more success. You aren't alone. Bless up worldwide, bless up together. Friendship is a major key.

8. Of course water is the key to success.

If you hadn't noticed, Khaled spends a lot of time on the water or around the water, whether that be on his yacht, on jet skis, or the pool. Major key: hydration. You gotta be in the water to be successful, and you know they don't want you in the water. Show them by always keeping hydrated and spending more time on your yacht. Major key.

9. Trust me.

Trust is a hard thing, but it's a major key to more success. They don't want you to trust. In order to bless up, you gotta trust up. We're on the pathway to more success together, and you can't spell "trust" without "us." Major key. Trust me.

10. They don't want you to win.

They don't want you to even think about winning. But joke's on them, because we bless up with Khaled's knowledge on the pathway to more success. By following the major keys, all we do is win.

11. Another one.

Sometimes the key to more success is more success. When they don't want you to try again. Have another one. Do a push up. Another one. Bless up. Another one. Get some rest. Another one.

I hope you continue to say on the pathway of more success during 2016. For more keys to success, follow Khaled's snapchat @djkhaled305. Major key.