Major In Focus: Multimedia and Digital Culture

Major In Focus: Multimedia and Digital Culture

What in the world does a major in Multimedia and Digital Culture look like?

Last week I wrote about my Creative Writing major at UPJ, and next week I'll be writing about my French major. As for this week, I'm giving an in-depth look into UPJ's major in Multimedia and Digital Culture. You can look at the curriculum for the major here before reading on, if you so wish.

The Multimedia and Digital Culture major, which we typically shorten to "MMDC," is an interdisciplinary major which falls within the Humanities division. It was devised by a committee of professors, but the two leaders in the committee came from the Writing and English Literature departments. This piece of information may help to paint the essence of the program.

Beyond the Gen Ed courses required of students in most programs at the University and the specified Humanities courses needed for students in all Humanities programs, there are five boxes which make up the MMDC curriculum. The smallest box consists of just one course: Human 1500 MMDC Senior Capstone. I will point out that this course is marked simply as a Humanities course. This is because, at least as of this Spring, there aren't any courses listed as MMDC XXXX. The three courses (one of which is an internship option) specific to the major are all designated as Human. The major is almost perfect in its interdisciplinary nature, so I suppose the slight can be embraced. As for the Capstone course, it appears to be an opportunity for students to showcase any and all skills that they have obtained throughout their MMDC studies.

The box titled "MMDC Introductory Requirements" contains six three-credit courses and a one-credit applications course, all of which must be taken for fulfillment of the major. Despite the name, students can take courses pretty freely from the three boxes I haven't mentioned yet without having completed the Intro box. The courses in this box establish good ground work for future courses, but there's a small amount of actual progression which must occur within the program. While some of the courses available for selection in other boxes do have prerequisites, only one course has one of the introductory courses as a prerequisite. That course, by the way, is Intermediate Programming Using JAVA. The introductory requirements for the major are: Media Criticism (Comm), Mass Comm Process (Comm), Intro to Computer Programming (with its application course; Computer Science), Digital Humanities (English Lit), Writing for Digital Media (English Writing), and Digital Tools and Technology (Humanities). These courses provide information on the history of media studies, the history of media as technology, some basic programs involved with multimedia, some digital literature and new media, the creation of digital media, and some additional tools and technologies directly applicable to students in the program.

Three courses are required out of the box labeled "Digital Authorship." These include the JAVA class I mentioned earlier, two English Literature courses, five English Writing courses, and Digital Spanish. Three of the Writing courses require students to have taken Intro to Professional Writing or Intro to Creative Writing first. All of the courses in this box deal with creation of digital works and study of digital works. Digital Poetry, for example, required students to both experience/experiment with digital poems and create some of their own digital poems. Critical essays were also assigned. Students studying Writing or Literature may be drawn to the MMDC major due to this box.

The "Digital Culture and Philosophy Box" requires students to select two out of five courses. There are two Philosophy courses offered, one Communications course, one English Literature course, and one Journalism course. These courses are perhaps more analytical than the other courses in the major. If a student takes Rhetorical Criticism from this box, that student will need only two additional Comm classes to obtain a minor, as Public Speaking is required for all students and two of the intro courses for the major are Comm.

Two courses are chosen out of three disciplines in the "Advanced Visual Design and Coding" box. For business students, three business classes are offered that involve design and coding. These courses have prerequisites that could make them less attractive to students who don't wish to study business. It's possible that those prerequisites could be worked around, but I definitely can't make any promises. Five Journalism courses are offered, though one course is actually a prerequisite for another course. Those courses may be a bit easier to get onto your schedule. The third discipline offered is an internship. A Journalism internship can actually be taken in this box, but if taken, a Journalism course could not be used as the second discipline in the box. The other internship option is listed as Human. This box seems to be more career-oriented than the others, at least for most career paths.

The MMDC major has only been available at UPJ for about two years now. It represents new outlooks on education and our world, maintaining synthesis of skills and information which stays mostly within the Humanities, but also strays into other areas which have become more and more adjacent to the Humanities in recent decades. Multimedia and Digital Culture can stand alone as a major with solid potential for our digital world, or it can work alongside other majors such as Creative Writing, Communications, or Business Information Systems to provide additional rounding and perspective. I'm excited to see where this program goes as it develops over time.

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Cover Image Credit: Morgan Yates//YouTube

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11 Things To Look Forward To After Finals

Need some motivation to push through finals?

It’s nearly that time when the library is packed and the stores are running out of coffee. That’s right, finals week is approaching! Finals are not fun, but finals week getting closer means that Summer break is also getting closer! Here are 10 things to look forward to after finals to help get you through them!

1. No more homework!

I know that one of the many stressful things about finals is the homework that’s assigned right before. Finals are stressful by themselves, so it’s never fun when professors assign homework that’s due the week before the final or even the week of sometimes. But, I remind myself that after that one last week of finals, I won’t have to worry about any homework at all.

2. Having time to eat

Days spent studying for finals are some of the longest days of the year in my opinion. Sometimes I’ll leave in the morning to go to class and the library to study, and I won’t get back home until late that night. By the time I get home, I don’t have a ton of energy to make anything extravagant for dinner. Just thinking about how I’ll actually have time to eat real meals after finals is a motivator to get them done!

3. Swimming

Besides the people who don’t like hot weather, who doesn’t look forward to Summer because of the outdoor activity-friendly weather? Swimming was always one of the main things that I looked forward to about summer when I was little, and it’s still something that I’m excited for. Whether I’m going on vacation or not, the end of finals means the beginning of being able to go swimming!

4. Getting more hours at work

I know working over the summer isn’t necessarily a highlight of the break, but finals being over with means no more having to work around your class schedule. No more finals means more hours, and more hours means more money to do other fun things over the summer!

5. Change of scenery

Living on campus is fun and exciting, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice. Especially if you live in dorms, getting finals done means no more living in a cube!

6. Seeing family

I don’t know anyone in college who hasn’t gotten even just a little bit homesick at least once. The sooner I’m done with finals, the sooner I get to see my mom and my dog!

7. Getting to see friends outside of college

I love my friends that I met at college, but I’m still close with a couple that I knew before college. Finals week coming to an end means a summer catching up and spending time with old friends is coming to a beginning!

8. Ice cream (and other frozen treats)

When I was younger and people would ask me what my favorite food was, I would say ice cream. Although it might not be my favorite food anymore, it’s definitely in my top 10. Second-semester finals being over with officially marks the beginning of nice enough weather to eat ice cream, or slushies/other frozen treats, without getting cold (or without it dripping onto the study guide you’re cramming the day before the final).

9. Time to travel

I don’t know how many people who have time to travel during the school year, but it’s probably not very high. Finals wrapping up means no more class, and no more class means more free time! Even if it’s just a weekend trip, not having to worry about a class on Monday can make it a lot more fun.

10. Watching Netflix without feeling guilty

I don’t know how many times that I watch Netflix and tell myself that I’ll stop to study after the episode I’m on, and then the next thing I know it’s multiple episodes later. After finals are done, no more feeling bad for binge-watching your favorite shows!

11. Actually having free time

One of the things that I'm looking forward to the most about being done with finals is actually having some free time. Finals week is full of cramming and studying, but just the thought of having some time to sit back and relax makes it all worth it!

Those are just some of the things to look forward to after finals!

Cover Image Credit: Karen Ketay

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