Major Changes- College Majoring
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Student Life

Major Changes- College Majoring

To switch or not to switch.

Major Changes- College Majoring
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At that point in college where realization kicks in that this was not in fact what you had in mind? That you would rather not spend tens of thousands of dollars and soon to be in debt for something that doesn't speak volumes to you?

Changing majors is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Of course ask just about any college student in the 21st century and they will surely tell you that they have either switched completely or have gone a slightly different route than planned. The previous generation (parents) do not usually smile upon this because of the cost and the time wasted on something that should have been officially decided when begun. However, things have taken a drastic turn in our economy, job outlook and demand for more digital, fast paced savvy people. The reason this is has become a problem now is because of some jobs that have been taken over by the digital era. Company downsizing and keeping a closer eye on their financials has become critical for them. Just about anything cheaper they can get their hands on they will accept. So employers are now looking for people very updated in technology or they are completely eliminating the position altogether and replacing it with a computer.

Now, where the changing majors part comes in: most of us have changed our majors to adapt to this new environment; to learn these new skills and compete with these crazy new ways we were not raised with.

There are also the less complex background reasons like, "I just don't like it and want to go for something else". By all means is perfectly fine, but can come with more consequences before the light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer.

First, ask to see a copy of the courses that have already been taken through the administration or registrar's office; the classes that have been completed with a passing grade (typically C and higher). Next, think about what major would be preferred. Before you officially switch out, find the paper or list of course that other major requires. If you can find a new major that you like that will take as many course that have already been taken and paid for, that's GOLD. Very rare for many people. This will save the extra money, time and hopefully can still hit the time of graduation that was targeted. If it's off by a semester then you still made out very well.

If this isn't the case, talk to the chair of the department. KEEP ON IT. Don't just email and call it quits by accepting either no response or unclear answers. Large amounts of money is pumped into these colleges. It's strictly business to most now, but don't let that get in the way.

Be persistent. If an unclear answer is received or you are unhappy with the response then simply respond with something along the lines that you would like to make an appointment with them and discuss the potential change of majors.

They work for YOU. They are paid for YOU. This is your money that is being pumped into the system; don't let them just take it while everyday being involved with them is a struggle.

If there are a couple classes that come so close to substitute for another than ASK. Explain to them what was learned and you feel that it is close enough to substitute. Most often, they will sign a paper that will waive the class and let it by. But not always. There are a couple criteria that could be different for certain classes but for most common cases this will work.

Lastly, before you finalize the change of major, go online and ask around about that particular job field or profession. Is it something that could be completely gone within the next 5 years? Look into it, not just the income but the most common locations, what exactly they do, demand for it, qualifications, etc. Really do the research.

Don't be that college student to change just to change out of boredom. Change for a reason whether it's a passion or better job opportunity for something still enjoyable. Follow what drives you to succeed. Don't be taken advantage of by the school system by saying it'll be an additional 2 years until graduation. Stand up for yourself and stay on it.

Take it from someone who has learned and is still learning this lesson the hard way. Trust me, DO THE RESEARCH. It might take an hour or two of your time instead of losing thousands of dollars and more years spent at college.

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