This generation has screwed up the real meaning behind a meaningful relationship. Relationships are getting tougher with social media now in the mix. Terms like bae, side chick, main bae are becoming a thing now. Terms like those blur the line as to where you really stand in a relationship. It gives both guys and girls a reason to cheat and not really define things with your significant others. It’s like bringing polygomy back, with these terms guys and girls can now use that as an excuse to have more than one relationship going. It gives you the option to not really settle down with one person and play the field. But even if those terms weren’t there people are finding it hard to even maintain a good relationship, thanks to music, movies and shows that promote cheating as the new norm. Girls are now fighting to be called main bae, but if you’re like me, a hopeless romantic who’s in love with the idea of love and wants to learn how to maintain a good relationship then keep reading. Everything I write on here are things that I’ve learned from my 2 year relationship with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been through a lot and by going through those trials together we’ve become stronger as a team and I want to share how these tips have helped us become a lot more solid than what we were a year ago.

Show affection

The first one I’m starting with is to show affection. Everyone has such a busy schedule, working and doing other stuff that before you realize it the day is already over. Always remember to take moments out of your day to tell him or her that you love them. Try to do small gestures that will make them happy and then maybe every once in a while plan a little surprise for them. This not only shows them that you love them, it also shows how important they are in your life.

Learn to forgive

This was probably the hardest one for me. I’m so strong-headed, and as much as I hate to admit it, I love holding on to grudges. Deep down I feel like I look for reasons to be mad at my boyfriend. I’ve now learned how damaging that is to not only relationship,, but also to your mental health. Forgiving someone is so self-fulfilling, especially when you have a fight with your significant other and they apologize, instead of saying “it’s okay” say “I forgive you”. Forgiving gives you the control knowing that you’ve cleared that out of your mind. Now let’s talk about cheating for a little bit because I feel like some people are going to bring it up. I’ve been cheated on before (by a previous boyfriend) and it’s not a good feeling. It depletes your self-esteem and self-moral and just drains everything out of you. I can’t even describe how it feels to be cheated on, and even under those circumstances I still think you should forgive them and let go of that negative energy and move on with your life in a more positive direction.


This is another one I had to learn. I love having things my way or the hard way but I’ve now learned that to receive ten times more, you must give ten times more. Being in a relationship comes with a lot of compromise because it’s not all about you. Sometimes you must sacrifice things to make sure your partner is happy now. Now, with that being said, never make compromises to the point where you’re partner is taking advantage of you or you are losing love for yourself. Make sure that whoever your partner is they are also compromising to you to as well.

Make time for each other

Finally, learn to make time for each other. We live in a world now that people barely have time to enjoy the little things in life. We work almost 24/7 to make sure bills are paid on time and when we are not working we are on social media. Make sure that you guys have a time when you spend quality time together and I promise within those few minutes or hours you’re going to find little things about your partner that you didn’t know before. My boyfriend and I have a rule now that whenever we are around each we can’t have our phone out for about two hours. The only time you can use your phone within that moment is when someone calls you, but we’re not living together so that changes the circumstance. If you are living have a designated time where there’s no phone and use those moments do an activity together or just talk to each other face to face, we seem to be lacking that nowadays.

Well I hope my little advise helps you guys in anyway. It’s so easy to be with anyone now, lines are so blurred and things get confused. Just make sure that before you get into any type of relationship you are both ready to take on this big challenge and just always be honest with each other and learn to love your partner in the right way.