Remember the fun of reading a new Magic Treehouse book? Author Mary Pope Osborne has created 55 books in the beloved series. A few of my go-to books as a kid were Midnight on the Moon and Tonight on the Tintanic. Well, good news! Your favorite adventurous siblings, Jack and Annie, are back! But by now, they're old enough to be in college. Here are the newest additions to the Magic Treehouse book series:

"Crying in the Cafeteria"

As Annie learns that college is stressful, Jack stumbles upon her as she is in tears at their campus cafeteria.

"Sleeping in the Stacks"

As finals are approaching, Annie and Jack realize it will give them more time to study if they sleep in the library rather than walking back to their respective dorms at 4 in the morning.

"Procrastination as a Pastime"

Loaded with assignments, both Jack and Annie learn the dangerous habit of watching Netflix instead of doing their homework.

"Laundry at Lunchtime"

A busy day for Annie and Jack leaves only lunchtime to do their laundry.

"Taco Bell on Tuesday"

Jack and Annie discover the immense power of a Crunchwrap at 1 AM.

“(Amazon) Prime after Nine”

After Jack and Annie buy an Amazon Prime membership, things get out of hand when they read that two-day shipping is free.

“Broke before Bedtime”

Jack and Annie find out how quickly money can be spent buying things from Taco Bell and Amazon.

“Thankful for Thursday”

Jack and Annie used to think that Friday and Saturday were the best nights to go out with friends and have fun. College has introduced them to the official start of the weekend: Thursday night.

"Tremendous Tons of T-Shirts"

After their first semester of college, Jack and Annie reminisce on the fact that their university has provided them with tons and tons of free t-shirts.

"Sinus Infections in the Springtime"

As their second semester rolls around and they arrive back to campus after Christmas break, Jack and Annie immediately get sinus infections after jumping back into the large pool of college germs.

"Energy Drinks in the Early Morning"

As finals approach, Jack and Annie take to energy drinks to get some extra energy to study.