Maddie Poppe American Idol's Inspirational Winner
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Why Maddie Poppe Is So inspiring

She is one heck of an American Idol!

Why Maddie Poppe Is So inspiring

To all of my constant readers, I know it's been a couple of weeks, but I'm back and better than ever!

On May 21st, 2018, a new "American Idol" was crowned and a new star was brought even more into the spotlight than she already was on this revived show. Maddie Poppe was the 20-year-old singer who won it all and became the Season 16 American Idol, joining the line of winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Now, I have watched many seasons of American Idol and I have loved them all. Before watching all of the people in Season 16, I mostly remember Jordin Sparks taking the win for Season 5. I did watch many seasons after that, but those seasons did not leave as much of an impact on me. The way I felt brought me to a realization that I would remember this season for a very long time like Season 5 did.. A large part of that is Maddie Poppe.

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I think from the moment I saw her audition with the song "Rainbow Connection", I knew she was something special. Poppe was just so genuine and singing a song technically from Disney through the Muppets had her as someone to watch in my book from day one. That might just be because I am a giant Disney nut who really needs to write about her love of Disney, but I did really love the flow and just pure natural sound of Poppe's voice.

Throughout the competition, she was someone I would always put down my phone and watch intently every time she sang. I did talk about her singing "Rainbow Connection" at her audition, but her Hollywood Week song was one of my favorite performances from her until the finale. She has such genuine thoughts and feelings with her original song, "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up". In that song, she sings about the innocence of children with them running "into (their) mother's arms" and "(they're) scared of the dark so (they) sleep with (their) little night light". They "walked up to school and everyone there was (their) best friend". The chorus of the song goes on to talk about how "We should have known that one day we'd hate our bodies and we'd orbit around buttons on a phone". The song continues on to show more of the things people would do as kids and then the things that happen when we grow up.

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Hearing this song made me take in some of the true realities of life, and allowed me to think them over while at the same time realizing that I have yet to truly grow up myself. It allowed me to think about how I always try to be happy and free, but also have times where I am not the most serious when I should be. It is something I try to work on every day and this song helped me to reflect a little on that.

Now, back to Maddie Poppe, she continued on in the competition performing a duet in the top 24 with Colbie Caillat of her 2007 hit, "Bubbly". She also performed many other songs including "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince and "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles.

The finale came around on May 21st, and brought a beautiful new original song from Poppe as well as another performance of her original song from Hollywood Week. I did like all of the new singles of the top five singers in the competition, but to me, Poppe's just truly expressed her personality and how she is. It was uplifting and just overall fun to listen to. I actually bought "Going Going Gone" as soon as I got the chance to! It's been a nonstop joy to listen to and I really think it encompasses Poppe's personality and her journey through the entire show.

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I am so happy that I got to watch Maddie Poppe on American Idol. Her journey is inspiring just like she is. Also, Caleb and her are super cute! I love how Caleb wanted to tell the world that he was dating Maddie. It was so adorable, but I could go on about that for another article if I really wanted to. As for right now, I just want to say thanks to Maddie Poppe for being an inspiration on her journey and I want to wish her good luck in the future! I am definitely looking forward to seeing where your future goes now that you have been noticed as the true star you are!

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