What's In A Name?
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What's In A Name?

My name is Macy. Yes, like the store.

What's In A Name?

As I was scrolling through social media's trending topics, I stumbled across an article about Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, and her non-existent friendship with Kanye and Kim's daughter, North. This article intrigued me, not because of its content, but because of the names of the children. In most cases, if you casually heard the words Blue Ivy and North, those words would be used to give the directions to the nearest farm house. But in today's society, celebrity baby names are purposely chosen to grasp the attention of the public. Names like Apple, Dream, and Jermajesty are some of the name choices made by celebrities. I wonder how their parents respond when asked how the names were chosen. How are any names chosen? And what do names really mean? I've always loved my name and felt that it fit me. I was once asked to explain what my name meant to me. This is what I said:

In French my name means weapon. Written, it just looks short and sweet, like me. My name is Macy with a "y." Not an "i" or "ie." Yes, like the store, as I frequently explain. After all, my mother's love of shopping explains how my name was chosen. I have always believed since I was little that a chain of department stores and a Thanksgiving day parade were named in my honor. My name makes others smile. I've been told my name fits me, whatever that means. But I am more than just the short, sweet, girly girl who loves shopping and parades. The French weren't too far off with the definition of weapon. I am bold, determined, and just like my name, I am strong, even when people assume otherwise.

Macy means enduring. It also means gift of God, derived from Matthew. I'd like to think that I am following God's way as a weapon against evil. I believe in the meaning of names. My name makes up who I am. But Macy has a plethora of meanings to me. It means I am the optimist and the hopeful. It means I am the musician who loves listening to Ed Sheeran and tickling the piano keys. I am the nerd and the perfectionist who starts an entire essay over if she misspells a single word in pen. I am the survivor of one of America's most tragic natural disasters. I am the girl who joins a million activities because she can't decide on just one. I am the daredevil at the amusement park, but also the soft spoken girl in class with a million thoughts running through her head. My name is petite and feminine, yet curious and exciting like me. It is the quiet river that runs through the forest, but splashes over the waterfall to make its mark on the world.

My family and friends call me Mace. A mace is a sharp medieval weapon used for fighting. I am a mace. I am short-tempered and a quick thinker. I was born an old soul, reflected in my knack for old movies and old music, and I enjoy being in the company of adults. I have the independence that rings when my name is spoken. I am like the mace pepper spray, defensive at times, but always willing to let my guard down and warm up to anyone. I am friendly and easy going. Sometimes I listen more than I speak, while other times I'm a complete chatterbox full of puns, jokes, and comebacks. I am a friend to everyone, never really fond of cliques. I think Macy sounds romantic, just like me. I am fond of well-mannered boys and romantic classics. Macy is a lively name full of spirit and spunk. The name Macy is not common enough to be considered common, but it is not uncommon enough to be considered uncommon. I guess that's kind of like me. I am unclassified and original, only striving to be myself.

My name makes up who I am. Macy sounds like the sweet girl who is best friends with her mom. Macy is the sound of the unyielding music that finds its way into your soul. All of this is me. But I am more than my name. I am Macypoo, MaceMace, MacyFacey, Macy Nicole, and just simply Macy. I am original and spontaneous. I will shoot for my dreams. I am blessed, I am strong, I am enduring, I am a weapon, and I am a gift from God. I am just a silly, yet extraordinary, teenage girl. My name is me. I wouldn't choose any other title. I am Macy. Yes, exactly like the store.

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