Waking up in the morning to dishing clinging onto the ground, scratching at the door because he wants into my room, ruining the carpet while he's at it, and empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

These are not the reasons I miss my cat.

I have a little kitten, well, he's pretty big now, but he's still a kitten to me. His name is Macbeth; Mac for short. Mac is the perfect little pet for me. He cuddles with me and loves watching Netflix when no one else will. He's also a good homework helper, that is if you count sitting on your computer keyboard while you're trying to type an essay that's due in three hours and batting around the pen you're using to check of important points in your essay help.

Macbeth, you can say, saved me. He helped me get out of the rut I was digging myself into and helped me see the brighter side of things. Even though he's a cat, and he can be some work, he helped me get a laugh or two out and helped calm down my anxiety.

He is one of my favorite things. He was gift to me over Spring Break from my friends. They knew that I needed help with my anxiety, so getting me a kitten was the most appropriate answer for that. He's the best little thing to become mine in a while. He cuddles with me when I'm awake, he cuddles with me when I'm asleep, he cuddles with me, well, always. When I let him anyway.

But I don't get my cuddles from him a lot anymore.

He had to move back home with my momma while I'm still going to school because I couldn't find a home for rent that allowed pets.

I miss my cat because he's my emotional stress animal. He's my support. He's my feline. I love Mac, and he will always be my kitty.

Until next time when I can drive three hours home, I'll see you soon buddy.