7 LUSH Products Every Sustainable Beauty Lover Should Try
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7 LUSH Products Every Sustainable Beauty Lover Of The Planet Should Be Trying

LUSH cosmetics is all about eco-friendly, cost-effective products.

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I discovered LUSH for the first time about 7 years ago and have been a frequent customer ever since. These methods of product reduce plastic waste and are package-less so you are tossing nothing when you are done using it! Some of these products also last a lot longer and contain more uses than packaged products.

1. The Shampoo Bar

What the heck is a shampoo bar? It's exactly what it sounds like.

This round package-less shampoo can last around 80 washes which is more than most packaged shampoos.

These also take up less space as they are condensed into a small round bar of product you can rub either onto your hands or directly onto the scalp to wash your hair.

There is a wide variety of shampoos that have their own special uses and product goals so there is an option for someone with hair loss, with dry hair, flat hair, or even dandruff and other scalp issues.

They are around $12-14 and contain high quality, ethically sourced natural, and safe ingredients.

2. The Pressed Conditioner

Similar to the Shampoo Bar at LUSH, this conditioner bar is a pressed bar conditioner that is a zero-waste way to keep hair moisturized and soft after washes.

Just like the shampoo bar, LUSH has options for all hair types.

They also sell a Co-wash which is a clarifying conditioner for drier or curly hair. Made with different essential oils and natural moisturizers, these conditioners will leave your hair smelling super yummy and looking really great!

3. The Massage Bar

These lotion bars are a no packaging design that goes a long way. With a unique selection of scents, looks, and uses, these zero waste moisturizers make your skin silky and smooth.

Whether you want to relieve muscle tension using the 'Wiccy Magic Muscles' or enjoy a nice night with a partner using 'Soft Coeur', which has real chocolate, LUSH has its own unique lotion bars to get the job done.

4. Naked Cleansing Balm

LUSH has a vast selection of face washes, but one of their newest additions is a naked cleansing balm.

Using oils and butter to effectively remove dirt, makeup, as well as other oils solidified into the pores, these balms are a great choice for those with drier skin.

5. Naked Face Oil

Similar to a massage bar, but for the face! These naked moisturizers melt into a face oil when rubbed between fingers and patted onto the skin.

There are light and very moisturizing options to treat those with any skin type who want to try this!

6. Body Butters, Naked Conditioners, and Scrubs

LUSH has done an outstanding job of making sure almost every product they sell has a naked version. LUSH has made pressed body scrubs for exfoliation all over that is moisturizing and package free!

They also offer naked versions of their popular body conditioners: in-shower lotions to treat dry skin and make showers more efficient.

LUSH body butters are a combination between an exfoliating scrub and a moisturizing body conditioner. Using "scrubby" ingredients such as sugar, almond shells, or ground rice, LUSH body butters keep skin smooth and bump-free.

7. Oral Care

Just when you think the list couldn't get any longer, LUSH has created tooth tabs and mouthwash tabs that are naked tabs created to limit plastic and still promote great dental hygiene.

LUSH has special and unique flavors as well as being perfect for traveling.

This less packaged toothpaste and mouthwash option is one that is hard to come by and unique to stores like LUSH.

As a large corporation LUSH continues to promote safe ingredients, an accepting environment, and zero-waste options there is hope that other stores will be recognized for the same thing or other places will take on the challenge to be more sustainable as well. With so many options to choose from, even just starting with one of these can make an impact.

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