Lucid Dreamin'

I stare into the echoes of her heart,

I wonder if she feels pain if it split apart.

I got a crush, but I don't want that to happen to my heart

Heart like two roads diverged

each side sliced apart....

It's not that I want to break her spirit, but I just want to become one.

Be the one in her dreams,

Make her feel special, I'll be her kingdom come.

Now I stay thinking of your mind,

Can I break the code?

Can I have the key and enter your fairy tale?

I just wanna ride your wave of emotions, and set sail.

I'm not perfect, nor am I the man of idealism.

I don't wanna slice your card and keep it moving.

I just wanna be like Amy from the cafe.....

"Helloooo, how are you?"

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I'm glad I got your attention

Ya made my heart grow 2x this is true.

I saw you from a mile away,

Just wanted to know If I could see you more after school.

But It's not what you think, I'm trying to get inside your mind.

Goals, passionate dreams and ME,

Is hopefully what I'll find.

I'm trying to be your key, open up new doors of happiness,

girl I know what you've been through,

come with me and you won't be stressed.

I'll be the king, and you'll be my queen.

We'll rule the world together,

be the most dangerous tag team on the scene.

I don't know whether to text you and say "hey,"

or whether to tell you that "the sky outside is gray."

I just want to be there to encourage your self esteem,

while you play the sweet song of my soul and become more...

than a lucid dream.......



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