Other than finals week, this is one of the most stressful times of the school semester. Scheduling classes means looking at your future, looking at all the classes you have ahead of you, and making sure you're on the fastest path out of the endless panic attack that is college. This can also be an exciting time because it means one more semester closer to graduation.

However you feel about scheduling classes, I think we can all agree that it is a crucial point in the semester and includes a lot of thought, since it is basically a stepping stone to your entire future. So here are some thoughts we all have while scheduling/preparing to schedule classes at the greatest university on earth, LSU!

1. WTF is this degree audit even saying?!

At first glance, a degree audit looks like the most confusing, grotesque paper ever. Even the font is unappealing, but you get used to it and eventually understand it... kind of.

2. I can totally take an 8 am class.

Don't lie to yourself like that. Unless you are truly one of those rare souls who get up early for the joy of it, then go for that 8 am accounting class, but if you are like most human beings, then stop yourself, because your attendance for that class is going to suffer.

3. Thank the good Lord for ratemyprofessors.com!

If you don't already use this website, then I HIGHLY suggest you do. It will prevent you from accidentally picking a terrible professor that will crush your soul and turn your heart into a pit of misery.

4. I should take an extra class to get ahead.

Again, stop yourself. You may be feeling ambitious now, but next semester you will feel like a stressed out ball of death, so restrain yourself.

5. Only my entire path to graduation depends on this, no biggie.

The fear of not scheduling in the most proficient way and potentially having to drop a class is something we all worry about, but that is why there are guidance counselors to guide us away from mental breakdowns.

6. When a class time interferes with another class so you just have to pick one.

^ ^ ^ Trying to figure out which one is more important to take

7. There are two openings for the class that I HAVE to take next semester, perfect.

How the actual f*ck am I suppose to beat all the other thousands of students scheduling at the same time as me to be able to enroll in this class? I guess it's in Jesus' hands now.

8. How is it not 5:00 p.m. yet?!

Since 5 p.m. is the time everyone is allowed to start scheduling at, it also becomes the most stressful time. You sit at your computer with the schedule request pulled up at 4:55 p.m. and constantly refresh the page until its #GeauxTime.

9. OH, MY GOD, IT'S 5:00 p.m.

You frantically type in your classes and pray to God you get all of them.

10. When you get into all of your classes.

One of the best feelings.

11. When you didn't get the exact schedule you wanted but, hey, at least it's over

Maybe you didn't get your ideal schedule, but at least you survived.