A Low Budget Holiday Shopping List
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A Low Budget Holiday Shopping List

Good for your wallet and the world

A Low Budget Holiday Shopping List

How to Holiday Shop on a Low Budget

Two syllables. Goodwill. Not only are you doing a justice to the environment and the workers in sweatshops by recycling, you are also contributing to an amazing organization that hires many who couldn’t get jobs elsewhere.

Three words. Know your person.

The store has seven main sections. Consider the following questions.

  1. Would your person want worn clothing?
    1. Do you know their style well enough to pick out their clothing?
    2. Men’s shirts and pants, women’s shirts and pants make up a section. If you’re shopping for someone who likes flannels or blue jean jackets or just a neat sweater, make sure to check the men's section whether for a male or female! I usually have the best luck in men’s sweaters, funny enough.
  2. Do they like hats? You can always wash these, or sometimes there are even some with tags still on. Certain stores are more hat heavy than others, as will apply to all areas.
  3. Do they like music and books? Another better, yet more expensive trending place to go to is Half Price Books. You can check out their vinyl and CD’s there too, and even order stuff online from other stores to be transferred to your store. You can also sell your old stuff to the store and use that money on gifts.
  4. Do they enjoy electronics or cameras? Electronics is the place to look carefully. You’ll see a rack and a bunch of wires, but if someone wants a polaroid camera, film camera, or something random, it is more than likely one can snoop one out. Film cameras are always there, but polaroids are rare. You never know what you might find in this section.
  5. Do they enjoy small trinkets? Lots of cool trinkets in the miscellaneous isles always catch my eyes such as jewelry boxes, fun coffee mugs, and holiday stuff.
  6. Do they wear jewelry? There is usually a small jewelry section. You can check out the necklaces and rings.
    1. Another fun gift place is TJ Maxx if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the last two sections. It’s more expensive, but has lots of little things you could buy depending on how much one wanted to spend. The benefit of TJ Maxx is you could buy new, wearable gifts like holiday socks, earrings, or other brand new candles and mug items.
  7. Lots of purses. Expect a lot of old Vera Bradley, but you can always find a nice change carrier. You might get lucky and find something bigger, nicer!

I complete all of my gifts, no matter how simple, wrapped in newspaper and twine for good effect with a simple homemade note. While the gift may not have cost you much, it did take time, effort, and thought, and perhaps that’s even more special than just spending twenty dollars on exactly what your friend wanted.

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