1. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey

Just an overall catchy song, but I’ve been listening to Halsey for a few months now. I think her voice is so unique and her lyrics are meaningful and artistic. Definitely worth a listen, especially while driving with your windows down in the summer. *It might take a few listens to get the full effect*

2. Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

At one point during this summer, I lost my Ray-Ban aviators and was in desperate need of some sunglasses. Without wanting to spend a lot on replacement sunglasses, I stumbled into Urban looking for a cheaper pair. I was pleasantly surprised with the large selection in store. I ended up getting this pair for $18 which was a pretty good price considering Urban isn’t necessarily cheap. If you’re in need of some trendy, inexpensive and flattering options, check out Urban Outfitters.

3. Basic Tops

In the past I’ve been all about making my outfits intricate and put together but recently I’ve been finding myself wearing basic shirts with denim shorts almost every day. I didn’t realize how simple an outfit can be and still look like I put in some effort. My favorite type of top is something that is soft and a little bit flowey/oversized. I throw on some jewelry and my Birks and I look so comfy cute it’s incredible. I wish I had been more into basics sooner because now I can spend my money on other things (like Chipotle.)

4. Walking

Now some of you may be thinking “How can someone be loving walking? You walk every day.” But hear me out. I’ve been going on walks in the mid-morning as my daily exercise. It is so calming and easy that I don’t have to be thinking about what I am doing. Luckily I’ve spent the past six weeks in Maine where the weather actually is pleasant, so I don’t dread going outside. I hate exercising, so for me to even be willing to go on a brisk walk is pretty good for me. I’ve been trying to walk for about two miles every day and so far I’ve been enjoying it. My goal is to have some type of routine so when I go to school, I’ll be more inclined to actually continue with it.

5. “Photography”

Notice I put this one in quotation marks. My version of photography is pulling out my iPhone 5S and snapping some pictures. I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures of the landscape around me, like the water or the trees. Whenever I think something is worthy of a picture, I just snap a picture and edit it on VSCO. The pictures are only for memories but it’s been something I’ve been trying to more of.

6. Smoothies

You guys… I have found my absolute obsession and it is called fruit smoothies. Any place that offers smoothies I’ll order one and compare it to my previous one. I’ve been loving the more tropical flavors like pina colada or mango pineapple but seriously I’ll drink any flavor. They’re so refreshing and tasty, and they make a perfect midday snack. They probably aren’t the best for me, but they’re so good that I don’t even care. While on vacation I found a few local spots that served totally natural smoothies but even McDonald's serves some nice flavors.