Self-love is the best love and if you weren't taught that then that's what I'm here for.

For all of my lovely humans who are longing for love and that true fairy tale happiness, it hasn't come yet because you don't truly love yourself as you should. Think about it. I know it's true about me, I'm trying to get my confidence and self-love up. I went through a tough time a while ago and while I'm trying to build back up my self-esteem, I'm learning to love myself, I'm learning to smile again, voluntarily.

"Love yourself, girl or nobody will" the great J.Cole once said. Out of all his lyrics, this one sticks with me the most. Once you learn to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see, you'll be blessed with that man or woman that you drew in your diary or talked about since you were younger. Your knight in shining armor.

I know a lot of us grew up with acne, weight, height, and many more issues. Whether we've outgrown them or not, it's time to love US. Also, if it's a problem you don't like and you can fix it, FIX IT. If it's something you can't change, EMBRACE IT.

So, love yourself first, not because you have to, but because you deserve it.