Being an overweight teenager growing up, my body is quite familiar with stretch marks. I have them on my stomach, legs, arms; you name it. They have always bothered me growing up, as I have had girls stare at them and make fun of them.

I was always insecure about them through college as well. I was scared to date because I would never want a guy to see them if we got more intimate. So I just tried to avoid dating at all costs.

However, after losing weight, trying to tone up, trying to use cream to cover them up, wearing hoodies as much as I can to not show them, avoiding shorts, etc. I have finally come to terms with them and as a matter of fact, I love my stretch marks. If someone judges me for them and can't accept them, then they are are not for me. If a guy feels uncomfortable looking at them or if someone feels odd talking to me if they see notice them, then I do not want to speak to them.

My stretch marks show my triumph of losing weight and how I am working hard to blend in fitness to make myself more toned. Working out can also cause stretch marks, with the stigma that being heavy is the only way stretch marks occur. Being pregnant can had stretch marks for many women, making them insecure. However, I say that we don't need to be afraid of our stretch marks, but embrace them. If they grow, we should grow with them.

I am now more comfortable dating since I have accepted them. I wear whatever clothes I find make me comfortable and don't use the "Get rid of stretch mark cream" that in my opinion does nothing anyways.

You shouldn't be embarrassed by your stretch marks. They make you, you. As annoying as they can be, they can also be beautiful if you look at them a different way.

Learn to love any mark on your body, if you can.