Throughout our lives, most people forget where they came from. Life moves on so fast and we all get caught up in it at some point. But the one thing you should never forget to do is tell your parents you love them. A lot of times people forget how much they sacrifice just to get their child in the best position to be successful in life. Even if your relationship with your parents isn't great, its always best to let them know.

My parents mean the world to me, and here are 10 reasons why I always tell them I love them.

1. They constantly sacrifice everything for you.

They had a life once too ya know, but they will stop and drop everything just to help you out.

2. They love you more than anything in the world.

Whether it shows or not, they love you because you are a part of them.

3. They gave up their lives for you.

They had a life of their own before you came around, and now all they do is worry about their child. Most parents would drop everything for their child.

4. They have ALWAYS loved you.

Through the good and the bad, they were still there. Remember when you were a smart-ass prissy middle schooler? I know I remember. My parents may have disliked me in that moment, but they have always loved me.

5. They are the reason you're successful and give you everything they have.

All those mornings when they drug you out of bed and forced you to go to school, drove you to and from every day, made sure you did your homework, convinced you to apply to colleges, and paid for it the whole way. They did that for you.

6. They won't be around forever.

And when that day comes, it will be the worst one of your life. Make sure your parents know you love them, and hear it everyday because when that dreaded day come at least you know they knew.

7. They are the only people that will and have been in your life forever.

The only people who have been with you the longest, are your parents.

8. They loved you before you were even born.

They loved you first, and they love you the most. You parents loved you when you were just a little egg in the womb, and they never stopped.

9. You never know what exactly your parents are going through.

They could be having a really rough time in life and you may have no idea. Getting a phone call from their child just to tell them they love them, could really brighten them up more than you think.

10. You might just make their day, every day.

It may not be something they expect everyday, but it definitely something they'll appreciate everyday.

Long story short, call your parents!! They love you more than you know, and you should want to make their day. Our parents are all we have in the long run, and they will love you no matter what.