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'Our Unmatched Student Section' And 10 Other Things I Love About The University of Kentucky

You should definitely come here.


When I was in high school trying to decide where I was going to college, I started with an overwhelmingly long list that was slowly narrowed down to one school. Now that I have been attending the University of Kentucky for almost a full year, I could not be happier with my decision and am wholeheartedly convinced that UK offers one of the best college experiences ever. I have come to love so many things about this university, and if I could go back and do it all over again, I would definitely pick this school time and time again, for so many different reasons.

1. The campus is amazing

Peyton Kline

I love walking around UK's campus because it is so pretty all year round, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. There are lots of green areas and you can always find people hanging out outside on hammocks or colorful chairs when the weather is warm. In addition to the exterior of campus, many of the buildings are relatively new, making for an ideal learning environment and atmosphere for students. The University is constantly updating and renovating the buildings on campus, with new projects happening frequently to give the campus a modern and comfortable feel for everyone who visits.

2. Dorms at other schools don't even compare to dorms here

Peyton Kline

Private bedrooms, granite countertops, Tempur-Pedic mattresses, community kitchens, and study rooms on every floor are a few of the many benefits of living in the residence halls on campus that enhances the dorm experience for everyone living on campus.

3. The library is actually an enjoyable place to be

Peyton Kline

Willy T. Library is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in, situated in the center of campus. It is 5 stories with a variety of places to study for people with many different study preferences and noise levels. It also offers student services such as a media room and a tutoring center for help for presentations and writing. For early morning and late night caffeine cravings, the library conveniently has a Starbucks located on the first floor for all of the coffee lovers out there.

4. Lexington is so much more than just a college town

Photo of Triangle Park in downtown Lexington, KY

In addition to being a college town, Lexington is a city with plenty to offer, filled with lots of things to do, places to shop, and local restaurants to enjoy. It has a very diverse landscape, one of my favorite parts being the downtown area, which gives the town a city-feel. Just a few miles away from downtown, you can find the characteristic beautiful horse-land of the bluegrass.

5. This is the only place that you can watch horse racing at Keeneland


As someone from out-of-state, I didn't realize that horse racing truly is a very big deal here. Everyone gets all dressed up to go watch the horse races on the weekends of October and April, an experience that you can only get here in Kentucky. Keeneland has an incredible atmosphere and is a perfect place to spend the day with friends and family.

6. My academic experience has been of high quality

Peyton Kline

With countless majors and minors offered, it is very unlikely that you will find yourself limited with options here. From my personal experiences, academic life here, in general, has been very positive. Classes are interesting and professors seem to enjoy their jobs and make themselves available to students.

7. Kentucky sports are unmatched

Peyton Kline

When I was looking at colleges, athletic programs were a very big deal for me, coming from a sports-loving family. I wanted to be able to get excited about my school's teams, and Kentucky has made it very easy to do that. SEC football, big-time basketball, and so many other sporting events make for an incredible experience. Tailgating football games in the fall on "Caturdays" is one of the best times of the year and it only gets better for basketball season at Rupp Arena. The atmosphere at the games is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I made sure to claim my season pass!

8. BBN is arguably the best fanbase in college sports

UK student section

When walking around campus or Kentucky in general, you will always be finding people repping Kentucky blue. On game days, the campus is filled with energy and excitement, which is one of my favorite parts about going to school here as a sports fan.

9. There are dogs EVERYWHERE

Peyton Kline

I'm not entirely sure why, but there are adorable pups... EVERYWHERE.

10. The majority of the people here are very friendly and helpful

Peyton Kline

Southern hospitality is alive and well in Lexington and is definitely one of the benefits of going to school here. The overwhelming majority of the people here are extremely nice and willing to help you, especially when you're lost on campus during your first semester.

11. There is a strong sense of community

Peyton Kline

Even though UK is a big campus, the University goes to great lengths to make every student feel included and involved. The wide range of clubs and different communities that you can join make the big campus seem a little smaller. Just about anyone can find something to join that aligns with their interests. There are countless ways to get involved here and it is strongly encouraged and promoted by the University.

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30 First-Apartment Essentials College Kids Forget To Buy At Target And Later Order On Amazon

Don't wait until you need to take something out of the oven to realize that you don't have any oven mitts.


If you're anything like I am, you're beyond excited to start planning and shopping for your first apartment. It's easy to get wrapped up in the fun stuff for your first apartment, trust me, as a former Bed Bath & Beyond employee I could spend hours wandering through shower curtains and bedding.

Before you get too carried away there are just some essential things that you'll need, but they aren't as much fun to pick out. Don't wait until you need to take something out of the oven to realize that you don't have any oven mitts, because I really don't see that ending well for you (I may or may not know that from personal experience).

1. Oven mitts

Gets those oven mitts because the sleeve of your sweater might seem like it will work, but I'm living proof that it won't, most sweaters have holes.

2. Trash bags

Don't wait until you need to throw something away to realize you don't have them.

3. Hand soap

It's not like a dorm bathroom where the maintenance staff refills a soap dispenser that's drilled into the wall. You're on your own kid.

4. Toilet paper

Again, no staff replacing it for you. Stay on top of it and make sure you always replace an empty roll, especially if you have roommates.

5. Water filter or pitcher

This one depends on whether your water is safe to drink or not, but be prepared. You don't want to move in under the summer sun only to realize you don't have any drinkable water at your snazzy new pad.

6. Tools

Hammers, screwdrivers, all that jazz. If you're moving in some furniture you're probably going to need tools to put it together.

7. Lighting

You don't want to be unpacking and stumbling around a new space in the dark your first night. Know what lighting is built in and where you might need to add some light.

8. Silverware organizer

Ok, so you probably remembered to pack the silverware, but do you really want to throw it all in a pile in a drawer? That's a good way to grab the wrong end of a knife by accident, maybe get some dividers to keep your silverware nice and sorted.

9. Dish towels

Most people think about bath towels, but if you're not used to having a kitchen you might not have thought of dish towels. You're going to need those when you're whipping up your favorite dinner.

10. Measuring cups

I'm a huge advocate for estimating and guessing in the kitchen, but if you're baking anything at all you should probably at least have some measuring utensils as a guide.

11. Bottle opener and corkscrew

You're going to want to crack open a drink and celebrate your first night in the new place. Wouldn't it be a buzzkill if you couldn't even get the drinks open?

12. Sponges

You have to be able to clean the counters and the dishes when you're done being an expert chef!

13. Paper towels

Spills happen, and you don't always want to clean them with your nice towels.

14. Toilet plunger

It's one of those things you never really think about... that is, until you need one.

15. Air freshner

You know, for after you use the toilet plunger.

16. Extension cords

You probably have a larger space than you're used to, sometimes those cords that come with all your new electronics just aren't quite long enough.

17. Utensil container

A little round pot or bucket is the perfect place to put all of your kitchen utensils. Things like spatulas and whisks will take up space in your drawers and create clutter. Plus, keeping them out makes them easier to grab when you're whipping up some food.

18. Batteries

There's nothing worse than getting your new TV all set up and realizing you can't use the remote.

19. Curtains

If you need darkness to sleep, you want to make sure you get those bedroom curtains up and ready to roll.

20. Toilet bowl brush

Sorry, but I'm certainly not reaching in there with my hands.

21. Ice cube trays

To keep you cool as a cucumber during this stressful time.

22. Can opener

Try prying a can open with your hands. I dare you.

23. Stain remover

For when you try to pry the can open with your hands and manage to spray tomato sauce all over yourself.

24. Carbon monoxide/Smoke detectors

Cause we don't want any tragedies here.

25. Collander

We both know you will be making pasta every night, so you're going to need to drain it.

26. Coasters

You definitely don't want to ruin your super fancy new Ikea table.

27. Dry erase board

No need to argue over who should take out the trash, just make sure to write down everyone's chores.

28. Underbed storage

On a college budget there's no way you can expect a walk-in closet, those clothes and shoes will have to go somewhere.

29. Drying rack

For when the dryer in your building inevitably stops working.

30. Step stool

If you're short, like me, you need a little help reaching that top shelf.

Hopefully this list has helped you feel a little more prepared to move into your first apartment. The decorating and planning is so much more enjoyable when you know you have all of your bases covered. I wish you the best of luck with your first major endeavor in the world of adulting!

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How To Stay Mentally Healthy In College

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.


Staying healthy in college seems really, really hard to do. Classes, friends, clubs, and the whole fact of living by yourself can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Most students, and people in general, don't really know how to deal with stress or how to take care of themselves mentally, leading to unhealthy behaviors physically and mentally. If you don't take care of your mental health, your physical health will suffer eventually. Here are a few tips and tricks to help take care of your mental health:

1. Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating fruits, vegetables, grains, and other healthy foods will help you feel more energized and motivated. Most people associate eating a balanced diet as beneficial for your physical health, but it is just as important for your mental health.

2. Keep a journal and write in it daily

Writing can be one of the most relaxing and stress-relieving things you can do for yourself. Writing down the issues you are struggling with or the problems you are encountering in your life on a piece of paper can help you relax and take a step back from that stress.

3. Do something that brings you joy

Take some time to do something that brings you joy and happiness! It can be really easy to forget about this when you are running around with your busy schedule but make some time to do something you enjoy. Whether it be dancing, writing, coloring, or even running, make some time for yourself.

4. Give thanks

Keeping a gratitude log — writing what brings you joy and happiness — helps to keep you positively minded, which leads to you becoming mentally healthy. Try to write down three things that brought you joy or made you smile from your day.

5. Smile and laugh

Experts say that smiling and laughing help improve your mental health. Not only is it fun to laugh, but laughing also helps you burn calories! There's a reason why smiling and laughing are often associated with happiness and joyful thoughts.

6. Exercise

Staying active and doing exercises that energize your body will help release endorphins and serotonin, which both act as a natural antidepressant. Keeping an active lifestyle will help you stay happy!

7. Talk out your problems

All of us deal with stress and have problems from time to time. The easiest and probably most beneficial way to deal with this stress and anxiety is to talk it out with a close friend, family member, or even a counselor.

8. See a counselor, peer mentor, or psychologist

Just like it was stated in the previous point, it is beneficial to talk out your problems with a counselor. We all have issues, and it is OK to ask for help.

Keeping up your mental health in college can be a struggle, and it may be hard to even admit you are not mentally healthy. This is OK; you are not alone. If you want to see a psychologist or would like to learn more about mental health, there are resources. You can also take a self-assessment of your mental health. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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