Click here to listen to “We Dance” by Steffany Gretzinger, Bethel Music.

Worship songs take on a new meaning when you dig deep into the lyrics and really understand why the songwriter wrote what they wrote. “We Dance” was written by Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook from Bethel Music. It’s an extended metaphor describing her relationship with Jesus as a dance through life. The lyrics reflect on how we are so undone in the presence of God and the way He carries us through every season of life just as He promises. I wanted to write about a verse of the song that really resonated with me recently:

“And I've been told

To pick up my sword

And fight for love

Little did I know

That Love had won for me

Here in Your arms”

I love this verse because it’s so relevant to what today’s society tries to tell us about love. It’s so easy to believe that love should be earned. It’s easy to look at people who seem to have their life together think that they’re more deserving of love than we are, but God tells us that despite our mess ups and faults, He’s already here to love us completely and He always has been. We don’t have to fight for love; we don’t even have to try and earn it. We are so undeserving of God’s love but He pours it out upon us anyway. He doesn't just give it to us, He lavishes His love upon us.

I’m sure you’ve seen the quote circulating the internet, “The Bible says love never fails so if it fails, it wasn’t love”. In a sense, this is true. Perfect love never fails but the only one who can love perfectly is Jesus.

We are humans. We are not perfect people, so we can’t love people perfectly.

We will fail. We will sin.

We will fail Jesus, we will fail our friends, our boyfriends/girlfriends, and our husbands/wives. When we fail, it does not in any way mean that we do not love these people; it means we are humans and we make mistakes.

By mainly looking for love and acceptance in relationships with other people I have found myself being let down and feeling broken and disappointed.

I have now come to understand that the people in my life don't hurt or disappoint me because they don’t love me, but because we're humans and we all fail. I'm learning that in my relationships with other people they will fall short and I will too. There is only one God who never falls short, who is always more than enough; whose love is unconditional and never-ending, and this love doesn’t have to be earned, it is freely given.

The One who loves me most is the One who knows my every step before I take it. God knows my saddest thoughts and my heart's desires. He knows when I choose to run from Him and reject His voice, but still, He loves me all the same.

The deepest love there has already fought for me so I don’t have to.