Words are so important. They allow us to express how we feel without the awkwardness of speech. Sometimes, when I talk, the words don't come out right or I don't get my emotions and thoughts across in the way that I want to. When I write, though, everything comes out so much clearer. I know what messages my readers are receiving and I can sculpt what I want to say until it's eloquent and perfect. Poems add a new dimension to writing. They allow us to communicate what we want to, but they also leave room for interpretation and space for readers to insert their own sentiments in a way that typical writing just doesn't. So, as I wrote this, my intention was to spark imagination while also honoring some of the deepest emotions of my heart.

This poem is dedicated to those whom we've lost, love, and always remember.

Starry nights on a blanket of sand

Memories of gentle breezes and a strong hand

They come rushing back from time to time

Cool breezes but warm touch

A promise to keep

Will it be forgotten?

As the horizon fades and the orange ceases

Can you remember me?

I thought about you the other day

As the sun rose and the birds flew

I thought of you

Above the horizon the light is born

It awakens the day and brings forth life

Startling the dark with the presence of morn

A long-lasting account of vital strife

A mix of colors combats for custody

Brilliant swirls of fire easing to night

Surrendering their spot reluctantly

Waiting patiently for the next moonlight

Drops of dawn arise with the early song

Little melodies of new happiness

Cheerfully cried out with joy before long

Seizing the day with lyrical vastness

And then I see you walking through the clouds

Smiling calmly as the bright light enshrouds.