Inspiration struck me at exactly 8:34 AM, the idea to write this article just popped into mind. My shift started at eight and I had just finished drinking a cup of French roast, specially brewed by my boss. I was already thinking of all the parts of working in this office that I adore when suddenly, ten fat folders were dumped on my desk, with a note saying “See me”. Two hours later after faxing, scanning, copying, and organizing these fat folders into a compilation of ten slightly less fat folders, I looked at the computer screen and saw I had a word document up and “Why I Love Working in the Office” typed on the screen. Oh, the irony.

1. My boss makes the best coffee.

I never thought I liked French roast. Every time I’ve had it before it was always too strong and dark. But now? It’s my go-to. On top of that, I always use the same ceramic cup from the collection of cups they have in the cupboard. Somehow no one seems to use it anymore, I wonder if I had anything to do with that?

2. Someone always has a story to share.

My boss told of her exhilarating battle against a massive beehive in her backyard. As she relayed the story, the rest of us listening could almost hear them swarming, it gave us chills.

3. CNN is always playing, even though no one hardly watches it.

I honestly like background noise, it's something to turn to if, well, when work gets boring. What has Trump done now? CNN will surely tell us.

4. The kitchenette countertop always has something sweet to find.

We don’t talk about calories in the office. They’re taboo in the corporate world.

5. The pink sticky notes.

Is writing down a list of everything you need to get done fun and exciting? It definitely is not. However, when I have Pilot G-2 07 and a stack of hot pink sticky notes, office stationery can be fun, and I’m not the only one who agrees.

6. There’s always a meeting to be held.

Meetings are more than just talking and making decisions, while I can't be present for them because I'm only the one who mans the front desk, I still feel as if I take part in them. Someone has to prepare the conference room, clean the conference room, or be summoned to the conference room to replenish coffee or retrieve paperwork fresh off the printer, who's it gonna be but the one who mans the front desk? I'm vital to this operation, I swear!

7. The cast of characters, I mean co-workers.

I know each person by hearing their laugh from down the hall, by what they heat up in the microwave, by how many cups of coffee they drink, or by the way they walk in with a smile on their face every day ready to work. The microwave dilemma is real guys. But, I really do love this job. Even when paperwork piles up and deadlines stare me down like a dog waiting for a bowl of kibble. I love that I’ve been accepted into the office like family. Here’s to them!