Love Is Not Dead Just Because Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Split
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Love Is Not Dead Just Because Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Split

"I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams." Dr. Seuss.

Love Is Not Dead Just Because Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Split

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt – 12 years together + 6 children

Anna Faris & Chris Pratt – 8 years married + + 1 child

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan – Married 9 years + 1 child

Logic & Jessica Andrea – Married 2 years

Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart – Married 14 years + 2 children

(Those last three have all been in 2018.)

Just looking at those lists of names, it is incredibly sad to think every single one of those relationships is over.

Love is such a hard thing to find in the real world, much less in Hollywood. Yet, somehow celebrities still find one another amidst filming and producing entertainment for us common folk. Whenever they do it is a beautiful thing. When two famous people, who we enjoy their work, end up together, it is like watching two of your friends get together!

These are people who you know probably better than most of your friends! These are people who you have watched grow and foster a relationship from nothing to something beautiful!

But suddenly the worst happens……it ends.

How could they do that! How could such a perfect couple with everything in the world at their fingertips just declare to the rest of us mortals that their love was not real!

It is like being lied to for years that there was hope!

If your favorite celebrities can end up married and happy, why can’t you also?

But they weren’t happy…

They didn’t stay married…

Their vows of “Till death do us part” meant nothing…

They broke each other’s trust...

Something happened to them to cause the end of their relationship, your only hope moving forward! Your one chance at love was crushed when their love was crushed.

Love must be dead!

It is not even just celebrities! Over half of all marriages end! You have better odds guessing the correct side of a coin toss, then your marriage lasting.

SERIOUSLY! How pathetic is that!

Why is our culture so anti-marriage! Anti-trust! Anti-love!

Maybe the reason is just that relationships don’t seem to work anymore.

People fall in love to share their lives together. They look at their parents and grandparents who were married 40-50-60 years! How can they do it, but I can’t?

Our times are different. People don’t communicate anymore. People want to hide behind technology and never get hurt in relationships. People want to see where a relationship will be in 5 years before the 3rd date.

I know this because I am guilty of it! I haven’t had a healthy relationship with someone maybe ever! There has always been something that I did, or something happen that caused the relationship to end.

I look at celebrities breaking up and think that it is normal!

It’s normal to lose love!

It’s normal to give up!

It’s normal to not work through problems!

Before today’s dating world, if you liked someone you talked to them. You didn’t message them! Messaging is not talking! The communication just not the same when you must type our every letter instead of listening to someone’s voice! We’ve lost this huge part of relationships!

We no longer know how to communicate!

We read a text and notice each little subliminal message until we convince ourselves of something completely unreal! We suspect our partners of being out of touch, uncaring, uncommunicative, and cold. Yet, we still don't even talk to them in person or make time to build a relationship beyond the one we see on a screen.

The internet….

As much as I love it, the internet is ruining relationships!

We think it is this huge connector! But it is completely disconnecting! You no longer have to engage with people anymore! You don’t have to talk to a person's face to face to buy clothes when Amazon is cheaper and easier. We don't have to see other people when everything is digitalized.

We have all these apps and websites that make our lives so much easier, but at the same time removes all personal connections to people.

We develop relationships with things, not people!

Human emotions have been replaced with gifs, memes, and emojis.

How is it possible to grow a relationship and mature when you barely speak to someone in person?

I do not know.

Do you want to know why your grandparents are celebrating their 50+ wedding anniversary?

Because instead of scrolling through Instagram and tweeting memes, they were holding each other’s hands.

They were too preoccupied with each other to be distracted by the outside world.

We can’t even escape the outside world for a second to experience what this is like! We are too caught up in being liked by others and having attention focused on us from sunrise to bedtime!

We all have the chance to become a celebrity now! We can post a video and in one hour and it is viral with more views than every record sold by Elvis Presley or the Eagles!

Our online lives are more important than our personal ones. We don’t develop our personality anymore! We don’t grow emotionally!

Instead, we try to find the next picture to post online so our friends (potential girlfriends/boyfriends) will see how awesome our life is and want to be a part of it!

Do you want to love someone?

Then stop searching for attention from every single person on the planet!

Because then you will never be happy with attention from only one person, that someone who cares about you.

The same thing goes for love!

Stop searching for love from every girl/boy who catches your eye!

For everyone’s sake GET OFF Tinder!

Love is not something you can swipe for from a F*&#^ing vending machine of thousands of suitable mates! Each swipe is supposed to bring us closer to the right one!

What if the next one is better? What if there is someone more attractive out there? What if I find someone with more money?

Love is supposed to be a sacred and special thing! Now it is something posted all over websites and pages for the entirety of this planet to see!

This is how we fell in love with our celebrity couples in the first place! We saw them during every step of their relationship. Beginning to end! We saw the system, a system we must try to succeed in, fail.

Love is not sex. Love is true intimacy while sex is purely physical. Don’t go into a relationship expecting sex and love together because they are not the same!

Our culture forces us to think that to be in love, then you have to have sex! That is simply not true! You can be in love and not have sex. Sex is just one part of a relationship versus a hundred of other much more important parts.

If you expect to find love through sex, you are just going to be disappointed when you miss out on the 99 other things you wish your partner did to make you happy.

I ask once again.

Is love dead?

Despite everything to prove me wrong, I don’t think so. I think we have just replaced it for more satisfying and easier things.

We have lost love.

We threw it away the moment “modern dating” asked to join us at the bar.

We hook up with strangers on weekly basis.

We flirt with people online without ever having the courage to say a word to them in person.

How dare we ask if love is dead?

Love never left us. We left it.

We gave it up for convenience and ease.

It was too much work for us.

We thought that nothing sparked.

We don’t know what to do anymore.

We don’t know what to want.

The worst part is that we are addicted to it. We are addicted to the swiping, to the late-night texting, to the hooking up, to everything that makes it feel good, to the maybe I’ll go on one more date to see if this one is better.

The reason these celebrity breakups hurt so bad was that it looked like what love is supposed to be! We saw them as our symbols for what to look for in a partner without actually taking the time to find our own.

Love is still alive! However, love is not perfect.

Sometimes relationships end, it sucks. It hurts!

But, love is not dead.

If you want love, then stop going on one-night stands and having sex every chance you get. Invest in your relationship on an emotional and personal level. Talk with your partner about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Find what motivates them to love you!

Don’t go the easy way anymore in this modern world!

Break the cycle!

Just because your favorite celebrity couple called it quits, does not mean you now have the excuse to do the same!

Love is only dead if you treat it like its disposable.

We think that love is selfish. We look out only for ourselves and not our partner.

To be selfless, to give yourself completely to another person, that is true love.

That is why love is not dead and will never die.

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