I LOVE My Job, And You Should Too

I LOVE My Job, And You Should Too

...no matter how old you are.


I got my first job when I was 17 years old. As one of the most generic teenager jobs, I settled for a hostess position at a local Italian restaurant. It was only a matter of 3 months before I realized it was not the job for me. Whether it was the environment, the people, the tasks, or the location- I could not figure out what was making my weekly shifts quite miserable. When I asked around for advice as to whether or not I should quit or stick it out, I was astounded by the amount of people who responded "You're a teenager, you're not going to love what you do.", but I think that is absolutely FALSE. From the time I was in elementary school, I constantly sought out ways to create businesses of my own. I customized a variety of shoes for my classmates, I braided friendship bracelets, I painted canvases- I mean anything you can think of, I was there to do the job. So I had to ask myself, if I was able to be happy with what I was doing in elementary school, shouldn't I be able to do that now too?

At the end of August of 2018, I was set on the fact that I did not want a job within my first year of college, so I could focus on my school work. I was only 2 months in when I realized I had WAY too much time on my hands and thought maybe getting a job would be a productive way to spend my free time- so I began my hunt. Living in a college town, finding a job can feel like trying to pass Calculus, nearly impossible, but I am beyond grateful to have landed a job at Gainesville Health and Fitness. Their extensive hiring process well-prepared me for the countless opportunities I would receive working here. For many, going to work is a dreadful period of time, but you get through it to get your paycheck- luckily, I no longer stand with that crowd. I am excited for each day because I know I will be learning something new; whether that be a new position, a new member, or even the inspiring story as to how the company began. The company has motivated me to become my best self, and truthfully, any company you work for should do the same.

We spend the majority of one's childhood teaching them about the various career options and finding what suits them best. They spend years dreaming of the times they can finally do something they enjoy, going onto college to pursue those dreams instilled within them. Then, adulthood comes. Adulthood is known as the time where opportunities become real, but what many fail to realize is that there are plenty of small opportunities within young adulthood that ultimately found the "real" ones. We are told that adults should love what they do because they will spend all their time doing that job, but what makes it any different for a teenager spending their "most exciting years" working to make some extra money on the side? No matter how old you may be, your time is valuable, so you should do things that you enjoy with it. It may take a bit more searching, a bit more time, and a bit more energy, but I promise in the end it will be SO worth it.
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