Eight Things You Think About During Midterm Week

Well, It is about that time! Midterm week has arrived for college students across the country! Just when you have gotten into the groove of things, midterms always seem to just pop up out of nowhere! Unless of course, you check the syllabus like a good college student, your upcoming midterms will not be a complete surprise. Here are eight things that happen to you during midterms!

1. Waking up on Monday morning and not feeling stressed...yet

2. Being motivated to start studying ahead of time, but you decide to take a nap instead

3. You cannot find half of the notes you need to study

4. You start having mental breakdowns and start taking all kind of L's

5. You feel the need to cry often

6. Procrastination takes over your life

7. Your sleeping schedule is non-existent

8. The freedom that you feel after walking out the classroom after a midterm

Midterm week may be hell week for college students, but all of the tears, stress, and breakdowns are worth it at the end. Happy midterms everyone!

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