My Love For Microwave Popcorn
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My Love For Microwave Popcorn

The perfect go-to snack

My Love For Microwave Popcorn

As I sit here munching on the crunchy wonderful goodness known as microwave popcorn, I can't help but think about how much I love this scrumptious snack. "Why not write a short little article about it?" - the exact words I thought to myself as I dove head first into the first of many bags of popcorn tonight. Microwave popcorn specifically has always been the perfect go-to food for when I'm craving something light yet satisfying at the same time. As a current college student, I 10/10 recommend purchasing one of those boxes that contains 36 bags of popcorn. Trust me, it really is a lifesaver for all those late night study breaks or even for those nights coming home a tad late from a small get together.

Popcorn has always been a staple in my diet, ever since the days of coming home from school at 3 o'clock and craving a quick, salty treat. Since then, I honestly cannot go a day without it! Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you all get the point. So, to show you all how much I love microwave popcorn, here's an added bonus of a cool poem about my favorite snack:

P opped goodness contained in one single bag

O pen only when all the steam has seeped out!

P retend you are a lizard and eat one piece at a time.

C runch, crunch, crunch.

O nly the best snack on the planet!

R eminisce about the fond memories you have with this tasty treat.

N ever gets old.

In conclusion, a major thank you goes to the person who invented this delicious, easy-to-make snack! You rock, whoever you are!

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