A Love Like My Parents'
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A Love Like My Parents'

Watching how you love has taught me how to love.

A Love Like My Parents'
Logan Williams

As a child, I had a good example of what love was. My parents always tried setting a good example of how we were supposed to act, and traits we should try to exercise. The way they love, now that I am older, makes me appreciate the example they have given me.

I have been blessed to grow up with two parents who are crazy about each other. Some kids don’t get a model of what love is. Because of the way my parents have loved each other through the years, I am growing to love the way they do. I hope one day, that I can have a love like theirs.

Their Love Story - As Told From A Child's Perspective:

I don’t have all the details, and I might get some wrong, but my mom needed help with some type of mechanical issue she was having. Being a widow with four kids, she couldn’t handle everything herself. She called a company to come help fix the issue, and that is how she met my dad. It wasn’t love at first sight exactly. My mom thought he was cute and needed his help with one more thing, so he had to come back. When he did, she told him he had a cute butt. My dad tells me at this point in the story, he was scared of her, and most women. My mom asked him on a date and he said no, but later decided to ask her on a date, to which she then said no. However, later she said yes.

I don't know how long it took, or how many dates, but they became interested in each other.

My dad had a business trip in California, which is where my mom had lived when she was married to my biological dad before the crash. My mom decided to accompany him down to California and visit the crash site. She knew that she wanted to marry this guy. She knew she wanted him to raise her kids. My mom also knew she wanted to come and have a moment to talk to Daddy Bruce (my biological dad) and God. Meanwhile, my dad also knew that he wanted to marry this woman, and help raise her kids despite the challenges it would bring. They went to the crash site and spent some time alone. My mom was off praying and introducing my dad to Daddy Bruce. She told him that she loved this man, that she wanted him to meet my dad because he might be the one to raise his kids, and talk to him about life. My dad was off on his own, introducing himself to Daddy Bruce and explaining his love for my mom. He wanted her to have a chance at love again, wanted her to have a father for her kids, and wanted to treat her well. After they were done, my dad went over to my mom, and said something along the lines of, “This was the spot where your life was ruined a couple years ago and you had to do it alone. Now I want to help turn your life around, and do life with you.” He proposed to her.

Sometimes people come into your life unexpectedly, and they’re meant to stay there.

Sometimes they come into a rough part of your life, and help you figure it out.

Sometimes, they stick by your side through the challenges, and love you through it.

My mom said yes. I was old enough to remember how, after they got back from California, my dad also pulled my sister and me aside and explained to us that he loved our mom and wanted to be our dad. He then pulled out two rings (not engagement) and said that he was asking our permission, as well. Don’t worry, we said yes. I remember thinking at that age that I wanted to find someone just like him to marry when I got older. My parents got married, and I had a new dad.

There have been plenty of challenges, rough moments, and arguments, but they always figure it out. Anytime one of us kids make a joke about best friends, they always respond that they are each other’s best friends. They are able to laugh, be gross, and be there for each other. My dad will randomly buy my mom flowers and send them to her, or bring them home. He still takes her out to fancy dates after years of marriage. Sometimes it’s the small things, like reminding her of how beautiful she is, kissing her goodbye before he leaves in the morning, making her coffee, and still acting like he has a crush on her and talking about her to us kids. He views her as a huge blessing in his life, crediting her for a lot of his character traits. He has taken days off of work when she has had surgery, stuck by her side, and never let go of her hand when she is struggling.

I know my mom thinks of him as a huge blessing. He never gave up on her in the rough times. He pursued her endlessly, even now when she is stubborn. They try to always make each other’s birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc., special for the other one.

They never stop loving. They always figure it out.

To us kids, he treats us as his own. He never stops loving us and thanking God for us. There are rough times, but through it all, the way he loves my mom and my mom loves him, helps us all to work together as a family.

What I Have Learned From Watching Them:

Loving someone never gets old if you pursue them. People will be challenging and people will fight, but it is always worth it to keep moving forward. The small things matter. Sure the big things are nice, but the small acts of love throughout the day help make life more exciting. Being with someone is always an adventure. Let them be your best friend, and don’t be afraid to be who you are. Accept your significant other for who they are. Don’t give up if they’re worth it. Forgive, and don’t hold a grudge. One of the most important things I have learned is love is not a feeling.It is an action, a way of life, a day to day thing, and a choice. Sometimes there will be days where choosing to love someone in the small ways, in the big ways, and in everything will be hard, but you have to make the choice to love. The feelings of infatuation will come and go, but love lasts.

There are several other lessons I have learned by watching my parents. They have helped me grow to be who I am, but watching their love story has taught me what love is. I am blessed to grow up in a house where my parents are crazy about each other. I can only hope to, one day, have a love like theirs. Watching them love has taught me how to love.

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