There Is Only One Tree Hill, And It's Your Home​​
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There Is Only One Tree Hill, And It's Your Home​​

In a world where you feel like Season 1 & 2 Brooke Davis, wait for Season 8 & 9 Brooke Davis.

There Is Only One Tree Hill, And It's Your Home​​

I think we can all agree that One Tree Hill has some of the greatest love stories and life lessons of all time; well in a drama-filled, coming of age kinda way. OTH is a show that somehow became a major part of my life. Growing up, this was my mom's show, she was watching it back when it was still airing on TV. At some point along the way, she showed it to me and some how it became the show we watched during important milestones. I remember us starting it during my final weeks in high school, during the summer before heading off to college, during any breaks I had off from school, before I graduated college, and this last time right before I moved out to start my life in Raleigh. It has become probably one of the most special treasures we old together, I think in a way it has made us closer (if that's possible). OTH has always been there to get me through life; usually any advice my mama has given me has included a quote from OTH. Even now, I find myself searching to find a certain quote or I'll watch a specific episode to get me through something I am dealing with.

Specifically, love. One Tree Hill has showed me the majority of the things I want out of love. I know real life relationships shouldn't be based of TV because it's just that, TV. However, I think this show helps illustrate the raw truth of waiting for the love you're searching for. Lately I have found myself constantly feeling like Brooke. I feel like my life is Season 1 & 2 Brooke, but without the confidence and all the hooking up. I feel like I keep begging to be loved but just get let down. I keep waiting for Season 6 & 7 to happen where I find the perfect man for me, but I feel like I am just stuck sometimes. With just ending a "situationship", I have been trying to reevaluate who I am and what I want in a partner. More importantly, I have been thinking about how I want to be loved. With having a mom who grew up in the 80's, I of course have seen tons of 80's movies and a lot of the "relationship goals" I have come from those movies. However, I always find myself going back to One Tree Hill.

I look at how Nathan grew up and prepared himself to love Haley the way he knew she deserved. I look at how infatuated Lucas was with Peyton and how he always showed up for her when she needed him. Finally, I saw how Julian always heard Brooke and she never had to tell him how to love her, he just knew.

Here are 8 moments from One Tree Hill that showed me how I want to be loved:

1.) I wanted you to fight for me!

17 Reasons We All Wanted To Be Brooke Davis From "One Tree Hill" | One tree hill quotes, One tree hill, Brooke davis quotes

Who would I be not to use this one first?? Obviously every woman wants to feel wanted; we want to feel like we are worth fighting for and that they couldn't imagining losing us. I think this is a big deal because we get comfortable too fast sometimes, which makes men think they don't have to try as hard to keep us. It shouldn't be like this, you should always feel as if your relationship is being fought for and that your man is doing everything in his power to not lose you.

2.) I wanna be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.

And Nathan dropped this beautiful line. | One tree hill, One tree, One tree hill quotes

I want a man who can recognize when he needs to make changes or alter his habits based on how I need to be loved. This doesn't mean him changing himself so that I love him, it's meaning that he understands how I need love and he is willing to adjust how he shows love. Also, I want a man to want to be seen with me. I want my man to be proud of me and proud to be with me. If he doesn't want everyone to know I am his and he is mine, then it is meant to be.

3.) It's you, Peyton.

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I want a guy that can tell me that I am it for him, that I am who he wants. When there are big moments in his life, I want him to want me standing next to him. I want to be the woman he has prayed for his future with, the one that he has waited to go through life with. I just want to be it, for someone.

4.) You're right, you don't. But you choose whether not to open your heart to love.

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I can be hard to love sometimes, not because I am trying to be but because of the things I have been through. I am hard to love because I love so hard and can be scared to fully give myself to someone. I need a man who is patient and willing to tell me when to open my heart and allow myself to love him. I need him to recognize that I can be guarded and I will continue to be till I feel they are ready for me to let them in.

5.) Girls just want somebody to want them back, at least I do.

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All we want is to be wanted, truly wanted by a man. You want to feel like a man is always working to keep you because they want you in their life so badly. It is more common than not, that women express their feelings first. We get invested and a man either stays or leaves, we just want a man to want to stay. We want a man to want us; our feelings, our minds and our worries. I don't need to be wanted by a man, but every girl just wants to feel like her man truly wants her and just her.

6.) We're married now, Haley. I'm never gonna hide that.

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We don't want to be a secret. The whole idea of dating in private is bullshit to me. If you are dating me, be proud to be with me and WANT to show me off. Don't be a girlfriend to a man who is not your boyfriend, do not only go to his house from the hours of 6p-2a. If he is saying you're his, he should be showing everyone you are his; it has to be more than just words. Exclusivity means including me in your life, not just your private life but your public life too.

7.) You're always saving me.

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Even us hardened and independent women want a man to save us, we all wan a man who is there to protect us or care for us when we need them. We want someone who is dependable and someone who somehow always ends up being there right when we need them. There is nothing wrong with wanting someone to want to care for you when you can't care for yourself or don't know how. I just want someone to show up for me, even if they have already seen me at my lowest.

8.) I love you so much my beautiful wife.

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At the end of it all, we just want to be loved. We want to be loved and adored by the man of our dreams. We want to be told we are beautiful and that we are theirs, truly we just all want the bare minimum. You can love someone in so many different ways, and you can show it in even more. However, there is something special about your guy just telling you he loves you and reassuring you that he still wants you and is happy you are his.

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