A Love Letter To James Avery
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A Love Letter To James Avery

Beautiful, timeless, and practically perfect in every way.

A Love Letter To James Avery

Dear James Avery,

Your jewelry is my absolute favorite brand. I own multiple pieces and wear them ever so proudly. There are so many things I love about your designs.

I love the craftsmanship behind it. Every piece is so well crafted and thought out and the designs are so unique. Anytime I wear my "E" charm or my Texas charm, people ask me where I got it. If I am wearing my anchor faith hope & love ring, I always get compliments on how nice it is.

I love that it was started in Texas. Being at a school where a significant population of the students are from Texas, it's almost impossible now to walk around without seeing someone wearing one of your amazing designs. Heck, people here loved it so much both the Dillard's in the area opened up kiosks in the mall (I still think we should have a free standing store in Fayetteville but one step at a time). I wear my heart of Texas pendant with pride as much as I can and always get compliments when I wear it.

I love that, even at such an advanced age, the real James Avery still manages to contribute to his creations. He assists with designs, comes up with new ideas, etc. I dread the day when he is no longer with us.

I love that it was started as a strong, Christian jeweler. There are so many incredible Christian elements sprinkled into the designs and I absolutely love that about the pieces. I have multiple pieces that allow me to express my faith in a subtle, fashionable way that I would not have if not for this incredible company.

I love that it's still a family business. The current CEO is James Avery's son, Chris. I imagine that it will remain in his family for generations (at least I hope so!). It brings me joy to know that a small but growing business can still be rooted in family. I hope one day to be able to build something with my family as strong and wonderful as this company has.

It's perfect for any occasion, too. Forget the little blue box, those that know me well know it's not a perfect birthday or Christmas without that classic orange box with the silver logo in the middle. The amount of polishing cloths and little cards I have explaining the craftsmanship behind the brand are too many to count (I should probably just start a collection I have so many).

I can never have enough James Avery pieces. I already have a necklace with 4 different charms I interchange regularly, three rings, multiple pairs of earrings, a pearl necklace, and three rings. I am not even close to stopping purchasing and receiving so many incredible pieces. They make awesome gifts, some of the items are very reasonably priced (I have lots of pieces that are around $39 without tax), and they last forever. I have a necklace with an "E" charm that I bought myself when I was 16. I wear it every single day without fail and it has never tarnished or rusted. With regular polishing and the occasional complimentary cleaning, my pieces stay like new for years and years and years.

I hope one day I can pass on my love for James Avery to my children and I hope they can appreciate it just as much as I have.

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